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Will you soon be joining Leiden University? Here you can find all the information you need to get your studies off to a good start.

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Welcome to the Leiden University Medical Center. We hope you are as excited to start with the master’s Population Health Management as we are! Here’s an overview of preparations to ensure you get off to a flying start!

Introduction programme

Well begun is half done. You'll kick off your studies with the introduction programme on Friday 2 February. You will get all practical and essential information to get started with your studies, and there will be time to get to know your fellow students during fun activities.

Make sure you're ready to start

To help you prepare for your studies, we've listed all important practical matters. We recommend you get these in order before you start. Would you rather check things of your list? We've got you covered. Please download the checklist in the right-hand menu. The yearly schedule overview is available for you as well.

Things to tick off

If you are not yet definitively registered for the master's and you do not know why, please contact the front office student affairs of Leiden University at 071 - 527 8011 or through this contact form.

As a LUMC student you will be in contact with patients and/or have access to patient records and hospital facilities. This is private data, which is why we require you to sign the confidentiality agreement before you start with your studies. 

Registration is necessary to take part in your courses. Enrol in your courses through MyStudyMap. Read about enrolment and follow step-by-step tutorials to guide you through the process.

Contact the Education Service Desk by phone 071 526 8700 or through this form if you have any questions about enrolment.

Reading material

All the obligatory reading material will be made available to you in Brightspace, our digital learning environment.

Laptop and software

A laptop is required. A tablet does not suffice, and we do not recommend Chromebooks as they are not powerful enough to run SPSS. 

You can purchase software at a reduced price at Surfspot. Be sure to install Eduroam and Office Pro Plus on your laptop for free.

Read more about study materials and software here.

All your personal study information on your phone. That is what our Leiden University student app has to offer. Install the app (iOS/Android) and you'll have easy access to your results, study progress, study places and other important news, anywhere and anytime.

All university correspondence will be addressed to your university mail account. We advise you to download Microsoft Outlook and add your university account (ULCN account) to the e-mail client, so that you will catch all important news in time on the device of your preference. 

LU card

As soon as you start studying at Leiden University you should apply for a Leiden University ID card, or LU-Card. It also serves as your library card, print & copy card and access pass. Read more about applying for an LU-card here.

Study support

Do you have questions about your studies? We are here to help you.

Study advisor

Be sure to reach out to the study advisors if you need advice or help during your studies. Getting in touch is easy, make your appointment online now.

You can consult your study advisor for a variety of subjects. Make an appointment for help with:

  • study planning and organisation and study skills.
  • special (personal) circumstances (such as functional impairment, top-class sport, management activities, PhD trajectories, pregnancy, parenthood)
  • extra support;
  • referral to the student deans, doctors or psychologists;
  • mediation in obtaining extra facilities (such as more examination time and enlarged display of examinations).

Everything you discuss with the student advisor is confidential. Naturally, all information is handled with great care. Data stored in your file can only be viewed by the study advisor(s). If advice from a third party is needed, this will be discussed with you and only after your permission will it actually be obtained.

Contact the study advisor in time. Read more about study guidance and support during your studies.

Functional impairment: extra facilities

Students with a disability can make use of certain regulations and/or facilities. If you have a physical or mental impairment such as dyslexia, AD(H)D, autism spectrum disorder, an audio or visual impairment, or you are wheelchair-bound, etc., please inform the study advisor before starting your studies. 

Visit the website of Fenestra Disability Centre of Leiden University. Here you can find advice on all kinds of issues related to your disability. This centre is responsible for the intake of students with a disability, supports applications for facilities and can show you the way inside and outside the university. You can make an appointment with one of the staff members even before you start your studies.

Rules and regulations

It is important to take note of our house regulations. The most important rules are listed below:

The University and the LUMC regard fraud and plagiarism as serious offences. Albeit it intentional or unintentional, it is forbidden to present someone else’s work or ideas as your own without full acknowledgement. Examples include: cheating at exams, copying passages from books/articles into your work without referencing, or using a report written by a fellow student. The Board of Examiners is entitled to withdraw your right to take exams for a year, or even remove you from the master’s programme. Participation in fraud or plagiarism can also lead to sanctions.

The best way to avoid fraud and plagiarism is to learn and employ the principles of good academic practice. These principles are covered by the competence “Academic Skills” and taught in our courses. If you have specific questions about (avoiding) plagiarism, you can also consult the library staff.

Your rights and obligations as a PHM student are stated in the Course and Examination Regulations, as well as the Rules and Regulations. Read them here.

Enjoy student life to the fullest

Studying is important, but it is also very important to join in fun and educational activities with your fellow students. The Medische Faculteit der Leidse Studenten (M.F.L.S.), translated as ‘The Medical Faculty of Leiden Students’, represents all LUMC students and they organise educational and fun activities.

Being a student at the LUMC means that you are automatically a member of the M.F.L.S., this is free of charge and without any obligations. Being a member of the M.F.L.S. offers you a variety of advantages:

  • Discount on books and instruments bought through the M.F.L.S. webshop;
  • Access to member-only activities: M.F.L.S. parties, gala, or study and ski trips;
  • In Leiden: our own bar ‘HePatho’ with a wide selection of beverages, food, and activities.

Since PHM is an interdisciplinairy programme, located in the Hague, we intend to strengthen the ties with other study associations in The Hague.

You can follow the M.F.L.S. here:

Not interested in being a M.F.L.S. member? Let us know by sending an e-mail to secretaris@mfls.nl. Interested in being a member, but not interested in our correspondence (newsletters etc.)? You can unsubscribe via this link.

MFLS board 2023-2024

In general a JVT is formed by a group of five to six Master students. The JVT is the link between students, teachers and staff of a master’s programme. The JVT has a role in evaluations on programme and course level.

The JVT can organize activities such as drinks, parties and symposia. Preferably, at least one of the members of the JVT is an international student.

We intend to set up a JVT for Population Health Management as well. If you would like to be part of it, or if you would like to receive more information, please contact chair of the MFLS.

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