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Faculteitsraad Archeologie verkiezingen 2020: dit zijn de kandidaten

25 mei 2020

One of the ways to let yourself be heard in our Faculty is to cast your vote for a Faculty Council candidate. The annual elections have started on May 25th, and will end on May 29th. Cast your vote now!

Meet the candidates!

Of these four candidates, three will be voted in to play a role in the decision-making process for many important issues within the Faculty, such as the quality of education, facilities and sustainability.

Olivia Cashmere

Olivia Cashmere

Hello, my name is Olivia Cashmere and I am interested in becoming a new member of the archaeology faculty council for the 2020-2021 academic year. Although I consider Leiden my new home, I am originally from Sydney, Australia. I am currently a Pre-Masters student and from September I will be starting my Masters in Human Osteology. I feel being an international Pre-Masters student has uniquely positioned me to gain insight into how the faculty interacts with both Bachelor and Masters students. The concerns and issues of international students is something that I feel has been neglected by the faculty over the past year. Similarly, the communication between the faculty and students is an area I believe can be greatly improved. I want to be a member of the faculty board so I can give a bigger voice to students while also gaining insight into how the archaeology faculty operates behind the scenes.

Yvonne Jaspers

Yvonne Janssen

My name is Yvonne, I am nineteen years old and I am in the second year of my bachelor in Archaeology. Since childhood, I have been interested in archaeology and I have been studying it now with much joy at this great faculty! By applying as a candidate for the faculty council, I wish to commit myself to representing all the interests and wishes of students, so that everyone can enjoy their study to the fullest. Since everyone has their own passion within archaeology, I want to make sure that all facilities of this faculty are used to the maximum! Unfair registrations for electives should end, so that all archaeology students can design their studies according to their own wishes. In addition, all practicals must continue as much as possible next year, because nothing should be in the way of the ‘real archaeology experience’, even in this time of crisis!

Kiki Koppers

Kiki Koppers

Hi everyone,
I’m Kiki and a 2nd  year bachelor student at our faculty. I’m also a member of a student party (LSP) and the current Faculty Council (FR) - functioning as secretary and associate portfolio holder ‘bachelor education’. 
This past year has taught me a lot about our faculty’s regulations and functioning; what processes happen before we get to see the outcome (i.a. OER, finances). More importantly, what I – as a student representative – can do to improve them and/or adhere more to the students’ wishes. Additionally, it showed me what it’s like to work together with other members of the faculty, both students and staff, and taught me more general skills, such as minuting.
I hope to be reelected so I can apply what I’ve learned this year and advance my knowledge/skills, help the other student members find their way within the FR and make sure our voices are heard.

Simone Reurings

Simone Reurings

Currently, I’m in the sixth year of my studies and in the second year of the research master Bioarchaelogy. I have been enrolled in this faculty for quite a while now and therefore have some experience with how this faculty is organised. It helps that I’ve been in the faculty council in the academic year of 2018-2019 and because of that I’m experienced with the role of the council and the subjects they discuss. Currently I am working to help students in a different way: as chair of one of the five largest student associations in Leiden. Because of this I had meetings with different people within and outside of the university, but always with the interests of other students at heart. In my opinion students can have a big influence on the organisation they’re part of and next year I would very much like to help accomplish this within our faculty again. 

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