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Bericht van solidariteit aan studenten Archeologie

16 december 2020

Zoë van Litsenburg

To all the students of the Faculty of Archaeology,
With the holidays almost upon us and the first semester almost at an end, we write to you with a message of solidarity.

You made it! In the new year the vaccination programme will start, and we can start to dream about ‘normal life’ again, including normal interaction, labwork and fieldwork. At this point you have probably become accustomed to the ways of online education. You chat with your professors and your peers via a screen, and some of you may even get to see them in person at the faculty once a week. Education has become more intensive through the hybrid format, and we are proud to witness our students being the best of people. We are working hard for you to organise fieldwork and labwork once again when it will become possible, and have to ask you to remain patient.

We wish you good luck with your last few exams and deadlines. January may not be a completely free month for all of you, with ongoing deadlines, retakes, internships, and other obligations. We recognise that our students have given 110% this semester, and are very proud to have seen you all excel. After all this hard work we hope you get to unwind and spend some time with (found) family in whichever way possible. Taking care of yourself now is more important than ever.

Once you have regained some steam, you can start planning for the next year. While most of the coming semester will look the same as the last, there will be new and exciting things to discover. Maybe you can finally follow that course you were so looking forward to, adapted of course to our current situation. Crisis brings out creativity and this means that the topics and education will be as close to archaeology as ever, and hopefully even more fascinating. We study the past to understand the present, to see how past societies dealt with challenges so that we can learn from their experience. Right now archaeology is more relevant than ever. 

The faculty is committed to offer you the best experience of education that we can offer. The past year has been one of learning not only for you but also for us. The situation is still constantly changing, so we aim to keep you informed to the best of our abilities. 

As one final event for the community we hope to welcome you this Thursday at 18:00 to listen to the virtual Christmas lecture by Ian Hodder titled ‘Competing to be leaderless’. You can find the lecture via Microsoft Teams

All the best,

Zoë van Litsenburg (Assessor: Student Affairs) and Bleda Düring (Chair of Education)

On behalf of the other members of the Faculty Board,

Jan Kolen, Dean
Niels Laurens, Chair of Finance and Operations
Janneke Mulders, Secretary

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