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International Summer School Exchange

15 april 2021

We’re excited to announce that we’re able to exceptionally offer our virtual International Summer School for the 2021 summer on an exchange basis to all of our Exchange and Erasmus+ partners. We understand that mobility has been significantly impacted by the events over the last year, and hope that this virtual opportunity will be an interesting way for your students to connect with us here in Liverpool this year. We will be offering two 15 UoL credit (3 US/7.5 ECTS) modules over two 3-week sessions:

Course length    Start Date    End Date
Weeks 1-3
Sustainable Development Goals, Global Challenge, Local Action, Achieved Outcomes
14/06/2021    02/07/2021

Weeks 4-6
Fake News, Fake Science and Critical Thinking. What Should I Believe?
02/07/2021   23/07/2021 karen.korsgaard@curtin.edu.au 

Students may opt to participate in one of the 3-week sessions, or both together. We are able to offer four 3-week places for your students, where one 3-week place equals .25 semesters.

To nominate students for this programme, please e-mail your nominations to international.summerschool@liverpool.ac.uk by the 14th May 2021. The students will then need to submit their applications by the 28th May 2021.

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