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Beginnen met je master Archeologie voor het afronden van je bachelor

26 mei 2021

Are you unable to complete your bachelor’s in Archaeology before the end of the academic year? And would you like to start a master’s programme at Leiden University in September 2021? 

Due to the strange times we are going through, an exception will be made: you will be able to start with the regular master’s programme in Archaeology despite not having fully finished your bachelor’s programme. You will need to have obtained a minimum of 160 EC in your bachelor’s to be able to apply for this regulation. This exception will not count for the research master’s. 

Please note that you cannot start with your master’s thesis while you have not completed your bachelor’s. Moreover, you will need to have finished your bachelor’s programme by August 2022, otherwise your registration for the master’s programme will be invalid. For this reason we would like to emphasise that you should only make use of this exception when you are certain that you will finish your bachelor’s soon. 

The faculty of archaeology offers the possibility for either 1 month or 1 year delay. Please consult first with the studyadviser what is the best option in your case (BAstudyadviser@arch.leidenuniv.nl).

When applying for the Master, do this before 15th June, you will then additionally have to fill out the appropriate form. Your request for being admitted to the MA before completing your bachelor’s can only be taken into account if you have submitted the form below. Don’t forget to reregister for your BA as well, via studielink.nl before 31st August.

This possibility is only available for admission to the Master, not for the Research Master.

More general information on this exception can be found on the University website. 

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