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Nieuwe regels voor het reizen naar het buitenland | Faculteit der Archeologie

10 juni 2021

What to do when travelling for work

The university regulations for staff and students travelling abroad for work or study are changing by the day now. Please keep an eye on the university website for more information.

Below you will the Faculty procedure for planning a work or study related trip abroad.

For Staff members

  • When travelling to green or yellow countries: please fill in the request form, ask permission from your supervisor and send the form to the faculty Board for approval (via Janneke Mulders). You will receive an answer from the board as soon as possible.
  • When travelling to orange or Red countries: please fill in the red request form or orange request form, ask permission from your supervisor and send the form to the faculty Board for approval (via Janneke Mulders). If the Faculty board approved the request, they will send the form to the International Incidents Team (IIT) who will decide on trips to orange regions. In the case of a red region, the IIT will refer the request to the Executive Board for approval. The IIT has 10 working days to proceed the request (fortunately they react within a week). New university policy states that forms should be handed in 8 weeks prior to departure. If this is not possible, please do not hesitate to file in your request.

For students

  • Students are allowed to travel to yellow or green classed countries.
  • When travelling to orange or red countries, the university can make exceptions in two situations. In both cases you must request permission from the International Incident Team (IIT).

Exceptions can be made in the following situations:

  • It can be ascertained from the travel advice that the country has only been designated orange due to it imposing travel restrictions (quarantine) on visitors from the Netherlands, in other words, not due to unsafe circumstances.
  • The destination is your home country and you are already there. Please keep an eye on the student website for more information.
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