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Theatres and museums

In the centre of Leiden there are thirteen museums, all within walking distance of each other. Leiden is also home to the oldest theatre in the Netherlands, the Leidse Schouwburg. The Hague on the other hand has no less than thirty museums in and around the city, as well as a wealth of theatres. So there’s no excuse for not taking in some culture during your studies at Leiden University.


The theatres of Leiden and The Hague offer a diverse range of music, drama, dance and cabaret.

In Leiden, the Leidse Schouwburg is the oldest theatre in the Netherlands. It has a unique atmosphere and plays host to the annual Leiden Cabaret Festival. The Stadsgehoorzaal theatre, built in 1890, is renowned for its wonderful acoustics. Leiden is also home to many smaller theatres. The visitLeiden website has further information on Leiden theatres. Details of upcoming shows and events can be found in the Leiden events calendar.

In The Hague, the Koninklijke Schouwburg also ranks amongst the oldest theatres in the Netherlands and is home to the Nationale Toneel (national theatre company). De Appel theatre in Scheveningen is the headquarters of the famous and innovative Appel theatre group. You can also find theatres specialising in cabaret, puppetry, children’s theatre and much more. The denhaag.nl website provides a list of theatres in The Hague as well as information on upcoming events in The Hague.

Take to the stage yourself

Ever wondered if you have hidden acting talents? Feel like getting up and dancing? Then take a look at the great range of courses offered by the LAK.


Leiden has no less than thirteen museums in its city centre. You can visit exhibitions on natural history, ancient history, culture, art and even Leiden’s academic history. More information can be found on the visitleiden website.

The Hague is a cultural treasure trove with no less than thirty museums. From the Dutch Masters to modern art and from sculpture to photography, there’s something for everyone. The website of ThisIsTheHague  has further information.

Film Festivals

Every spring Leiden plays host to the Leiden International Film Festival (LIFF), with a LIFF Summer special taking place in the summer.

The Hague is the venue for the annual Movies That Matter Festival, as well as many smaller festivals celebrating the films of different regions of the world.  

With film festivals, museum nights, music events and of course the student introduction weeks there’s always something to do in Leiden and The Hague.

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