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Frequently asked questions

As a result of the corona virus situation, the information in these FAQs may be incorrect or incomplete. Go to the corona FAQ for the latest information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a Statement of registration (enrolment)?

As soon as your student registration has been finalised, you will receive a confirmation from us by e-mail. You can then download your Statement of registration via uSis by following the steps below:
  1. Log into uSis using your student number. 
  2. Click on the 'Communication' tile.
  3. If you do not see the message you are looking for, click on the little x in top-right corner of your screen.
  4. Click on ‘Your registration is final’ to download your Statement of registration.
If you need a statement of registration with an official stamp, please contact the Student Affairs Front Office at (+31) 071 527 8011 or info@leidenuniv.nl. Do not forget to mention your student number and the institution that requires the document. Please note that our offices are closed right now, which means that arranging a physical document may take longer than usual.

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I am not able to log in with my student account. What should I do?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to log in:

  • You haven’t yet received a user name and/or password. Request an account.
  • You have forgotten your user name and/or password. Request them again.
  • Your account has not yet been activated. Activate your account.
  • Your password has expired. Reset your password.
  • Your ULCN account is no longer active. You can only access uSis and Brightspace using your ULCN account up to 60 days after your student registration has been cancelled.

If you know your user name and password, keep the following points in mind:

  • You must log in with your user name, not your uMail address.
  • Use lower case letters to enter your user name, not capital letters (e.g. s1234567).
  • Make sure you haven’t accidentally put CAPS LOCK on.

If you still can’t log in, do the following:

  • Change the language on the log-in page, from Dutch to English or vice versa, and try again.
  • If you can log into one application but not another, the issue concerns the application and not your account. Contact the ISSC Helpdesk.
  • If none of the above-mentioned tips work contact the ISSC helpdesk.

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Why have I still not received my student card?

There may be a number of reasons why you have not yet received your student card (proof of student registration):

  • your student registration is not yet complete - you can check the status of your student registration request in studielink or at the Student Affairs Front Office;
  • your address in Studielink or our administrative systems is incorrect - please check your address in studielink or at the Student Affairs Front Office;
  • A postal error may have occurred.


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Who should I contact with questions about ICT facilities, e.g. ULCN, Brightspace, uMail?

Many solutions for ICT problems can be found on our website and in our manuals. Often you can solve a problem easily yourself by checking the information available online.

ICT Helpdesks

  • The major computer halls and various faculties have their own ICT helpdesks, which are open during office hours. These can be found on the ICT Support webpage.
  •  You can also contact the Helpdesk ISSC (ICT Shared Service Centre), either via email or phone: helpdesk@issc.leidenuniv.nl / +31 (0)71 527 8888.

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Where can I go if I need help with my LU card?

If you need help or have questions about your LU card, you can visit a LU card helpdesk. You can find LU card helpdesks in many university buildings. See the ICT support pages for details.

I’ve forgotten my ULCN password / username. How can I get a new one?

Forgotten / expired password 
On our ‘Student account’ webpage you can read about the steps you need to take to request a new password.

Forgotten username
If you have registered an external email address in uPrefs, you can request your username via Account Self Service.
If you did not register an external address, contact the central ISSC Helpdesk or a local helpdesk to request your username.

Telephone number and alternative e-mail address
We cannot provide passwords and usernames over the phone or by email. It is therefore a good idea to provide an alternative email address and mobile phone number in Studielink (if applicable), or in uPrefs.


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Is a LU card the same thing as a student card?

No, your LU card and your student card are two different things.

Your LU card is your university ID card. It also serves as a print & copy card, library card and access pass. It remains valid for the duration of your studies. You need to request a LU card yourself. You will not receive it automatically. 

Your student card is proof that you are registered as a student of Leiden University. It is valid for a maximum of one academic year. You will receive it automatically after you complete student (re)registration formalities each academic year.

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I have created a new Studielink account, without DigiD, but am having log-in problems. What should I do?

If you are having problems activating or logging into your account, try following these tips. If none of these suggestions help, contact the Student Affairs Front Office according to the instructions below.

No activation email received?
After creating your account, you will have to wait up to two hours to receive your activation mail. If you don’t receive it, try activating your account again.

Account activated but can’t log in?
Go to Studielink, select ‘log in without DigiD’ and click on ‘forgot your password’. Within two hours you will receive a mail with instruction on how to reset your password. Reset your password and try logging in again.

After logging in, website won't load?
Try the following suggestions:
  • Log in from a desktop computer, rather than a mobile device, using Chrome or Firefox.
  • Clear your browser cache, history and cookies, and make sure JavaScript is activated. Your browser has a help function that will explain how.
  • If you manually adjusted the time and date setting on your device, try resetting them to automatic. Secure log-in sometimes does not work without automatic time and date settings.
Created a second Studielink account by mistake?
Studielink only allows one account per student. If you have created a second account by mistake, your application will not reach us and you will not receive your Leiden University log in details (which all applicants should receive within 24 hours). You must therefore ask us to merge and reactive your account, by contacting the Student Affairs Front Office  - see below.

Contact the Student Affairs Front Office
If you have tried the suggestions above and are still experiencing problems, contact the Student Affairs Front Office. If relevant, upload screenshots of any error messages you are receiving.

Can I start a bachelor's programme on a date other than 1 September?

If you wish to join the first year of a bachelor’s programme, you must start the programme on 1 September. 

If you are applying as a post-first year student, you can choose to join the programme on 1 September or 1 February if you meet all the programme’s admission requirements. You can find details of the admission requirements on the  programme’s webpage

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I haven’t yet received my LU card. What should I do?

There can be a number of reasons why you haven’t yet received your LU card:

  • You have not yet uploaded a passport photo through Account Self Service, or had your digital photo taken at Plexus Student Centre
  • The university does not have your correct address; check this in Studielink or at the Student Affairs Front Office
  • You already have (or had) a LU card. In this case, if you upload a replacement passport photo you will not automatically receive a LU card. You must also cancel your old card and request a new one at a LU card helpdesk.

If you have taken all the necessary steps but have still not received your card, visit the Student Affairs Front Office for assistance.

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