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Leiden University Student Platform (LUS)

The Leiden University Student Platform (LUS) is a student-led ‘think-tank’. It consists of eight members: one representative from each of the seven faculties plus one chair. The LUS provides independent advice on university-wide policies that concern all topics of relevance to students. It also awards the LUS Teaching Prize for Leiden’s teacher of the year.

The LUS is run for and by students. To gain input from as many students as possible, the LUS organises regular meetings in which all students can discuss and brainstorm on a range of different set topics. The LUS communicates the insights and ideas of students to the Executive Board and other relevant organs within the Leiden University. 

Do you want to raise a topic or idea at the university? Get in touch with the LUS via email or social media. You can find information on LUS's upcoming activities via @lusleiden on Instagram.

Chair  Yesim Benli

Governance and Global Affairs

Matthijs Steendijk

Humanities Claartje van 't Hof


Sjoerd Bootsma


Fei-lynn Barbero 


Kane Zuiderduin

Social and Behavioural Sciences

Birte van der Heide

The LUS Teaching Prize is presented annually at the opening of the academic year the to the best teacher of the previous year.

The teaching prize is a special award, celebrating the lecturer who is the most inspiring in giving their classes. Every student has the opportunity and is encouraged to nominate their best lecturer. 

Do you have a teacher that you would like to nominate for the next Teaching Prize? 

Leiden Teaching Prize


Nominate your teacher

Winner 2023

According to Gobée’s students, he is an enormously inspiring lecturer with a clear passion for his field. The variety of teaching methods he uses make for the best teaching a student could wish for. ‘Incredible, thank you so much for this honour’, said Gobée. 

Winner 2022

The academic year 2021-2022 was a challenging one, with a gradual return to in-person and hybrid classes. Overcoming  such difficulties, the three shortlisted lecturers continued to guide their students with even greater passion. 

The winner of the LUS Teaching Prize 2022 was Emily Strange, who teaches sustainable development, biodiversity and conservation biology. She will use the prize for her ongoing interdisciplinary effort to “create an environment where good education is really sought after and not seen as an extra to the job” of an academic. 

Winner 2021

The winner of the Leiden Teaching Prize 2021 was Ayo Adedokun who teaches on conflict, peacebuilding and development in Africa. 


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The LUS was established in 2013 with the aim of providing advice to the Executive Board, primarily via the Vice-Rector who is the portfolio holder for teaching and student affairs. It was tasked to gather insights especially (but not exclusively) from students who are not yet active in associations and participatory bodies. 

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