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University & Faculty Councils and Programme Committees

The university council and faculty councils are democratically elected co-participation bodies that represent both students and staff of the university and its faculties. Co-participation also takes place at departmental level through programme committees.

The University Council

The role of the university council is to critically observe and advise the Executive Board and, when applicable, to assist the board with important decisions. The powers of the University Council are laid down in the Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) and the University Council Regulations (both only available in Dutch).

Faculty Councils

Every faculty has a faculty council. After the university council, the faculty council is the second highest co-participation body within the university. Faculty councils consist of both staff and student members. Find out more under your faculty tab or in the organisational structure.

Programme Committees

Every programme has a programme committee. Within programme committees, lecturers and students come together to discuss the education provided by the programme. Programme committees provide both solicited and unsolicited advice to programme boards, faculty boards and faculty councils, concerning the quality of education, the course and examination regulations (OER) and educational facilities. If further information is available about your programme committee, this can be found under your programme tab.

Playing a role in co-participation?

Are you interested in playing an active role in co-participation at Leiden University? To gain a clearer picture of the various co-participation bodies, you are welcome to attend their public meetings. For more information about co-participation via the university and faculty councils, you can contact the parties that are active within these councils. You could also consider  founding your own party. If you would like to become a member of a programme committee, get in touch with your programme’s own committee.

Programme Committee Masters Public Administration

There is one Programme Committee (OLC) for the masterprogram: Public Administration for all three tracks. Its members are selected from the academic staff and the student body.

The Programme Committee advises the Institute Board and in some cases the Faculty Board about everything that concerns education. For example: on the Course and Examination Regulations, education programs, facilities and course evaluations. Specifically, the committees discuss the structure and content of the curricula, overlap between courses, examination regulations etc.

The Programme Committee meets approximately once a month. Meetings are in principle public to our own teachers and students. However, exceptions can be made for certain specific topics.


The committee consists of academic staff as well as the student body. The term for student members is one year. Re- election is possible.

Academic staff:
Dr. Dovile Rimkute (chair)
Dr. Fabio Bulfone
Dr. Kohei Suzuki
Students (academic year 2022-2023):
Mr. Agustin Medina
Mrs. Adriana Cerdeira
Mrs. Shirine Dimachkie


If you have suggestions or remarks concerning the education please contact the chair of the committee or send an e-mail to: olc_mpa@fgga.leidenuniv.nl. Please state about which track or course you have a complaint or suggestion. E-mails are treated confidentially and teachers (with the exception of the OLC chair) have no access to the mail box. When a complaint on education is discussed during an OLC meeting, the involved teacher is in principle not present.

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