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Workshops & events Student Support FSW February 2023

27 January 2023

Student Support FSW (the FSW POPcornerCareer Service and Community Engagement Service) offer support during your study career. Every month the upcoming activities in the field of study skills, personal development, career and job application are published here.

Besides the activities of Student Support FSW, this overview also includes activities organised by other Student Support Services of Leiden University, which FSW students can also join.

Career and Job application

07 February Job interview (NL)                              
7 en 8 February FLO - Faculty Career Orientation Days (ENG)                           
14 February CV and application letter (ENG)
21 February Assessments (NL)
21 February Finding a job that fits (ENG)
22 February Career College: Working in Research (ENG)

Study skills and Personal Development

03 February  Leren omgaan met faalangst (NL)                            
14 February Presentation skills (POPcorner The Hague) (ENG)
15 February Vergroot je zelfvertrouwen, werken aan je zelfbeeld (NL)
15 February          Uitstelgedrag aanpakken - Get started! (NL)
20 February You're not alone: how to feel connected and strengthen your social bonds (ENG)
09 February Relax: study without stress (ENG)
27 February Rouwgroep (NL)

Keep an eye on the course calendar! There may also be changes in the schedule.

To the course calendar!

Introduction Student Support FSW

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