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Wanted: students for Leiden University video series

23 November 2023

Leiden University will produce new video series to use in providing information to prospective students. The student has a central place in every video. We want to give the floor to as many (master's and bachelor's) students from different programmes as possible in these video series. So we are looking for both Dutch and international students who enjoy being in front of the camera and sharing their story.

Which video series are we still going to make?

  • When I grow up (recording on 12 and 13 December): students talk about their dreams of the past (what did you want to be as a child), how they made their choice for a particular study (how easy or difficult was it ) and what their current ambitions are to do after their studies (still the same dream as before or now different visions of the future) and what they did during their studies to realize that dream.
  • Headaches (recorded on 14 and 15 December): the newspapers are full of social problems (climate change, wars and conflicts, the influence of social media, inequality, problems with mental health). How is this reflected in your studies, which courses or projects do you follow regarding these subjects, and how can you, as a student or later as a graduate, contribute to solutions to these problems.

Good to know: for some video recordings you do not have to be present on all the dates mentioned: sometimes it is only half a day or a few hours. We will contact students who want to participate about the exact schedule and times later!

Of course you will get a little reward / financial compensation for the hours you will be working and contributing to the making of these videos!

For now, we are mainly looking for as many students as possible who want to play a leading role in one of the video series! Would you like to collaborate? Who knows, you might soon play the leading role in one of the series!

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