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Training Change Your Mind (RET)

Do you suffer from fear of failure, anxiety, negative and circular thought patterns or do you pressure yourself with high demands? During the group training “Change your mind”, you will learn how to apply the RET-theory in difficult situations.

The RET-theory states that often the situation itself is not the direct cause of your emotional or behavioral problems, but the direct cause is in the way you think about that situation. The RET-theory will help you to change your thinking, change your mind to better regulate your emotions and through that you will build up your self-confidence.

Training content

  • Learn to apply the RET-theory Step by Step.
  • Awareness of your irrational thoughts during emotionally challenging situations
  • Change the way you think so that you are less troubled by problematic feelings or behavior
  • The group works with homework assignments and personal plans. This way you learn to apply the method independently as much as possible.

Who can participate?

Students enrolled at Leiden University.


Please register via the consultation hours of the student psychologists.
Starting moment: once a week, throughout the academic year.
Maximum number of meetings is 10.
For more information, please send an email to Psychologen@sea.leidenuniv.nl

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