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CareerCollege Working in Research

Have you thought about your ambitions after graduation? It might help to get to know different work fields when deciding about your first steps unto the job market. The Career Service FSW regularly organizes a Career College on working in a specific field. During this CareerCollege alumni of Leiden University will talk about what it's like to be working in Research.

Eva van der Meer  (Study choice/career adviser)

This workshop is part of the Leiden University Career Event (4-6 April 2023)

The goal of this Career College is to inform you about the career perspectives. Alumni of Leiden University will present their career paths and their current jobs. 
Are you curious to know what it is like to work in Research? What kind of career paths are possible? What capabilities and characteristics are necessary? During this session there will be plenty of opportunity for participants to ask questions. 

The event will be held in English and is open to students and recent graduates of Leiden University.

Panel of speakers:

Gwendolyn van Straaten

Gwendolyn van Straaten, Researcher at I&O Research

My name is Gwendolyn van Straaten, I have a background in Sociology and Crimonology. I started my career at an safety region, at the GHOR (healtcare department). After a year and a half I made the decision to make the next step in my career, and started at I&O Research. Here, I put my research knowlegde into practice, to help governmental organisations and non-profit organisations solving social-cultural issues. 

Denny van der Vlist

Denny van der Vlist, PhD candidate at Political science, Leiden University

Denny van der Vlist is a PhD candidate at the Leiden University Institute of Political Science.
His research is part of the larger “Downsize my Democracy” research project and focusses on the relationship between Size and Political Competition. He studies this theme through the lens of European local democracies by applying a mixed-method research design that includes extensive fieldwork in four different countries and a larger cross-national analysis of European Local Democracy.

Tom van Rens
Tom van Rens

Tom van Rens, Programme officer Energy Transition at NWO (Dutch Research Council)

More information on Tom van Rens can be found on his LinkedIn profile.




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