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Study support - Study skills and study management

The Buddysystem (POPcorner FSW)

Are you a first-year student FSW? Do you want to find your way around the University? Would you like to be advised by a senior student? Apply for a buddy!

One to one coaching

What is the buddysystem?

The Buddysystem matches 2nd or 3rd year students to  first-year students who need some extra support in their first year.

Wat does a buddy do?

The buddies are students themselves, so their own first-year experiences are still fresh in their minds. The buddies know what's what, are doing the same degree course as the first-year students, maintain personal contact with them, and are easy to get hold of.

They can share their own experiences with the first-year students and point the way at the FSW and in the degree programme, share important websites etc.  For the first-year students it is nice to have someone they can go to with all their questions. As a buddy, you help to develop the study skills and/or social skills of first-year students who need a little extra support.


The Buddysystem is an extra provision to help first-year students at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences to get their studies off to a good start. 

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