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Start Social Study Rooms Psychology @FSW on 4 May

In the coming weeks, psychology students can reserve a place to spend a morning/afternoon studying at the faculty, together with other psychology students. For example, you reserve a place together with another psychology student and occasionally discuss the material and motivate each other. In that way it is similar to the online Social Studying Group by the POPcorner. Working together on a group assignment is also possible. After about 4 hours of joint study and consultation, everyone goes home. These Social Studying Rooms will start on Tuesday 4 May.

The big difference with the study places in the library is that (limited) conversations are allowed in these rooms.

Reservations are only open for psychology students

You can book a spot on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoon. You can do this via this ‘datumprikker’

Check your spot

You can see in which rooms there are places left. Book together with a fellow student (each has their own booking). We open up new spots every week, so for later occasions make sure to bookmark this ‘datumprikker’

The rules

If you book a slot you agree with these rules: 

  • Do the university’s corona check before you come to campus;
  • Adhere to the rules and guidelines of the campus protocol;
  • Book for a whole morning/afternoon; you should arrive at the start time (max 5 minutes earlier) and afterwards leave the building;
  • Bring your own study material / books / laptop;
  • Listen to the instructions of the supervisor;
  • There is no eating in study rooms. 

LU card

When you enter the room the supervisor will check your LU card to check your reservation, so make sure you bring it.


If you have questions about Social Studying you can contact studentmentor@fsw.leidenuniv.nl

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