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Student Support Services FSW activities June 2021

The POPcorner, Career Service en Community Engagement Service are here to support you during your studies. This monthly newsletter provides an overview of all our activities in May!


The POPcorner wants to help you as you find your way through the faculty and your programme. The POPcorner can help you get off to a good start in your programme, give advice on who you can turn to with your questions and they offer training courses to improve language and/or study performance. Check the website for up-to-date info of upcoming events and workshops. The following services are continuous: 

By appointment  Individual guidance by Nadia Mansouri en Simone Keijsers.
Ever Wednesday at 9:30      Study plan group – Simone Keijsers

Career Service FSW

The Career Service of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences guides students and recent graduates in their transition from study to first job and with study choice and career questions in the bachelor’s and master’s programmes.
Take a look on our Career Zone website for information about career planning, career skills, workshops, vacancies and more!  

Workshops/events in mei

The Career Services offer a revolving selection of workshops and events. In June, we have the following workshop planned:

01 June 14:00-16:00       Career Stress! How can I deal with that pressure?
17 June 13.15-15.00 CV and application letter
Missed an event/webinar?

No worries. You can watch most of the recorded webinars! For instance, check out the webinars and workshops that took place during the Career Event the Hague here:

Leiden University Job Portal

On the LU Career Zone website, you will find all the vacancies that employers have shared with Career Services. You will also find all sorts of vacancy websites for internships, graduate jobs, part-time jobs, and voluntary work.
See the Job Portal for all vacancies.

Take into account that due to Corona measures of the university physical traveling abroad (e.g. for internship or work) are subject to requirements and contact employers about online possibilities.

CV en LinkedIn service

Career Service FSW offers a free Online CV & LinkedIn profile check. Send an email with your CV / LinkedIn profile URL to slsfsw@fsw.leidenuniv.nl and you will receive feedback within 5 working days.
Do you prefer to talk to someone online? Schedule an online appointment here and discuss your CV and/or LinkedIn profile with the student assistants of the Career Service FSW!

Community Engagement Service (CES)

Looking for a volunteer position in the summer months? The Community Engagement Services of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences aims to inform, advise, and support students regarding relevant (extra-curricular) work experience, with a strong focus on volunteer work.

Volunteer work
Volunteer work offers a wide range of possibilities, in various sectors, for different target groups, with flexible working hours. Mentors, for instance, or coaches, committee members, marketing assistants and more! And the need is great: volunteer organisations are crying out for extra hands.

Many volunteers are wanted in a wide range of sectors, focused on various target groups. Volunteers wanted, including: Mentors, buddies, coaches, activity leaders, supervisors, client support assistants, team managers, committee members, fundraisers, communications assistants, marketing assistants, museum staff, coordinators, hosts/hostesses, readers (for people with reading disabilities), maintenance assistants.

Check our website for more information and vacancy platforms or to make an appointment! 

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