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From home desk to lecture room: highlights and looking ahead

The new academic year will get underway in just two weeks’ time. In recent weeks, this summer series has looked back on studying at home, shared hotspots in Leiden and provided tips for the new academic year. This final contribution will reflect on the past academic year for the last time by featuring certain highlights and we look ahead to the upcoming academic year!

This is the last part from our Summer series  From home desk to lecture room:

This is the last part of the Summer series From sesk to Lecture room.
Part 1: Start of the new year 
Part 2:What dit you miss, and what not?
Part 3: 
Tips for a flying start (including a special hotspot route!)

The faculty year was opened in September with an exciting Leiden Law On 1 talk show from the KOG, which looked back on the academic year and looked forward to the new academic year. Guests on the talk show included Joanne van der Leun, Dean of Leiden Law School, and Dion Latten, assessor at the faculty.

After the opening of the faculty year, first-year students were able to attend a lecture with (outgoing) Prime Minister Mark Rutte as part of the course Introduction to Law. Everything was done to make home studying as interactive as possible.

In October it was time for the party that many Leiden students normally look forward to: Leids Ontzet. Since partying in the city was not an option last year, a virtual alternative was devised. There was a talk show about intriguing science and a historical lecture about the Pilgrim history of Leiden.

In the months that followed, praise was given for the various prizes won by Leiden students at the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition and for the group of master's students who analysed a cold case from a police unit in The Hague and presented their findings. In addition, it was impressive to see how the various courses adapted to the coronavirus measures. The Moot Court course, in particular, was able to adapt at breakneck speed to a form in which physical classes could still be taught. Finally, it did not go unnoticed this year that according to the annual NSE survey, Leiden students were quite satisfied with their programme – even in this era of the coronavirus.

The new academic year will get underway in just two weeks’ time. The University has made all the necessary preparations and cannot wait to welcome you all again. There are already plenty of new and wonderful events planned. On 6 September, for example, the academic year will officially be opened. On 7 September, we can enjoy the new Leiden Law On 1 talk show hosted by Bastiaan Rijpkema and Lotte Kremers. Finally, the congress Good Practices on Student Well-Being, to be held on 30 September and 1 October, is also something to note in your diary. We are looking forward to it all. See you soon!

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