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Meet the new study advisor Hanne Bergink: ‘I will always encourage students to take good care of themselves’

Hanne Bergink started as the new study advisor and career advisor at Archaeology in mid-February. Aside from helping students out when they encounter issues during their studies, she will also focus on job market preparation. ‘I have experience as a coach to help people with their personal development.’

I am going to help students with study related issues. I’m here for the students to contact me if they have question about their studies or career prospects.’

Inspiring environment

Not a stranger to Leiden University, Hanne graduated from the MSc in Social and Organisational Psychology at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. ‘After graduation I worked as a consultant in an employment agency, where I mostly had to do with students and starters on the job market.’ She also works as an independent coach focusing on the theme of self-compassion. ‘In the end I was missing working in a team, though, so I started looking for a position in an education-heavy environment. For I think that’s an inspiring environment to be in.’ She found the position of Study Advisor and Career Advisor at our Faculty.

Study and job market

So what will her role entail exactly? ‘Of course I am going to help students with study related issues. I’m here for the students to contact me if they have question about their studies.’ But you can also reach out with questions about the transition to the job market. ‘Questions like ‘What do I want to do for a master’s’ or ‘What can I offer an employer?’. If you have no clue, I can help you out!’ While the central university organisation offers career services, Hanne will be developing and implementing the Faculty career service.


As Hanne mentioned before, the focus on self-compassion is an important part of her coaching strategy. ‘What that means is that I will always encourage students to take good care of themselves, both physically as well as mentally. As a society we expect quite a lot from the younger generations and that can be stressful.’ With self-compassion Hanne wants students to be softer on themselves. ‘Without getting rid of your responsibilities of course. Self-compassion might even help you with taking responsibility and enhance your motivation. It will at least reduce your stress-levels.'

Part of the process

In her role as Career Advisor, Hanne will help students to gain insights in their own skills. ‘I do this to help you figure out what you like and what you do not like in a job. I will encourage students to find ways to gain some understanding of the job market.’ It is important to work on your network, or do an internship during your studies. Again, self-compassion is an important part of Hanne’s work. ‘Of course you want a job that makes you happy, and therefore it is important to gain insight in your own qualities, skills and preferences. But you do not need to feel the pressure for taking the right choice immediately. Whatever job you choose, you do not need to work there for the rest of your life. Even if the job doesn’t fit, you will learn more about yourself and what you (don’t) want. It is part of the process.’ 

Contact the Study Advisor

If you want to reach out to the Study Advisor, please use one of the e-mail addresses below: 

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