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Do you disagree with a decision made by the University? Or do you object to the behaviour of a staff member or fellow student? If a mutual agreement can’t be reached, or you feel unable to speak to the person/body directly, you can instead submit a complaint.

Who can I turn to with my complaint?

  • Disagreeing with a decision
    You disagree with a university decision, for example negative binding study advice (BSA) or the registration of study delay.
  • Unacceptable behaviour
    You have been subjected to unacceptable behaviour on the part of a fellow student or staff member, for example (sexual) intimidation, bullying, violence or discrimination.
  • Sexual harassment
    You have experienced sexual harassment, sexually transgressive behaviour or sexual violence.
  • Improper treatment
    You have been treated disrespectfully, unfairly or in a manner that contravenes regulations by a university staff member.
  • Academic integrity
    You have a complaint about the academic integrity of a fellow student or staff member.
  • Malpractice
    You suspect that malpractice is taking place within your study programme. 
  • Other types of complaint
    You have a complaint that does not fall under one of the above-mentioned categories. 
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