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ICT services

Leiden University offers a range of ICT services for students. For the majority of these you need to log-in using your university account to gain access, for example student workstations, Wi-Fi networks, uMail, Blackboard, uSis and SURFspot.

Student workstations

There are student workstations located within many university buildings, at which you can log-in using your account. Check the current availability of workstations online.


The University has two Wi-Fi networks. The Leiden University Wi-Fi network allows you to log-in using your account and access Wi-Fi for the rest of the day. You will need to log-in again for each subsequent visit. You can also log into the Eduroam network, which allows you to use the Wi-Fi system of any higher education institution using your student account. Configuration is simple using the Eduroam cloud installer. Eduroam offers lots of handy options, including automatic log-in after your first visit.  

If you log into the Wi-Fi network using your own laptop you are requested to keep your anti-virus software up to date and make sure you have the latest (security) updates for your operating system. You can download free anti-virus software such as MS Security Essentials and Avira Anti-Virus, or purchase affordable anti-virus software, via SURF spot

The university’s ICT service is in the hands of the ICT Shared Services Centre (ISSC).


As a Leiden University student, you will receive a uMail address. You can log-in and access your mailbox using your account. 

All correspondence from the university is sent via uMail, but you can set up your account so that emails are forwarded to another email address. If you decide to do this you can still use your uMail to send emails. There are a number of conditions in place for the forwarding of your uMail:

  • You are responsible for correctly setting up the forwarding of your uMail. 
  • Leiden University maintains the right to cancel a mail-forward if this leads to problems in the university email system. 
  • Leiden University is responsible for forwarding emails, but is not responsible for the receipt of emails by the email address provided. 
  • Check your storage space used if you keep a local copy, as mails will no longer be forwarded when there's no storage space left.

You can read more about how webmail works and how to send, receive and forward mails to your computer by logging into your uMail and clicking on the '?' (help) button at the top of your page. For further information you can also refer to the uMail manual and our FAQs.


Blackboard is Leiden University’s online learning environment. It allows you to communicate with lecturers and fellow students, access online reading materials and upload assignments. Please note that you must always register for your courses in uSis in addition to ‘enrolling’ on a course in Blackboard. 

Once you have a student account it takes approximately 24 hours before you can log into Blackboard. 

Blackboard app

You can download the 'Blackboard' app onto your mobile phone or tablet via the app store. After opening the app, enter ‘Leiden University’ into the school search field then log in using your ULCN account. Note that the app doesn't offer all the functions that can be found in the desktop version.


All the details of your studies are recorded in uSis. From your first registration as a student of Leiden University up until your graduation. If you have questions about uSis please consult the FAQ or send an email to our uSis web editors

uSis Mobile

Via uSis Mobile you can access the most important information in uSis using your telephone or tablet. You can log into this mobile website via m.usis.leidenuniv.nl using your university account. 

With uSis mobile you can access: 

  • Basic information about your study programme, your average grade and the progress of your studies
  • All study results, including underlying tests and seminars
  • Registration options for courses
  • Your schedule information (insofar as this information is available in uSis)
  • The status of petition requests

You do still need to log-in via a desktop or laptop for certain things, for example submitting a petition or checking specific details of your academic progress. We are continually working to expand the scope of uSis Mobile. 

Petitions in uSis

If you want to request a change to your academic requirements you can submit a petition via uSis. For example if you want to be exempted from certain academic requirements, have study credits earned abroad recognised as part of your Leiden studies, or receive a different amount of credits for part of your curriculum. For more information see Exemptions and Petitions


Students of all Dutch universities can purchase affordable software, such as Adobe, MS Office, anti-virus software and SPSS, via SURFspot. You can also purchase hardware, subscriptions for magazines and newspapers, and internet services. To do so log into Surfspot, select Leiden University, then enter your student account log-in details.