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Campus Covey Programme

Covey. noun [ C ], /ˈkʌv.i/. A group of birds. A small group of people.


In the Campus Covey Programme (CCP), students are brought together in coveys. Coveys are groups of about 5 students, who follow different study programmes and are in different years of study. The programme is accessible to all Campus The Hague students.

The CCP is there for you to connect to other students. By joining a covey, you join a social network of like-minded peers. But what does it entail to be part of a covey? Coveys provide the opportunity to interact with people from all majors, grade levels, socio-economic statuses and racial backgrounds. You are able to challenge the way you view the word and connect with members as you all grow and learn together. Through activities and workshops, you begin to connect with your covey and create sense of community that bonds you together.

Coveys cultivate close relationships, and are thus able to sense each other's needs. Through training, covey members are able to help each other. Covey members turn to each other when they encounter problems, both personally and with regard to education and studying in general. If you want to talk to someone, your covey is there for you. Whether it’s the stress of your workload, missing home or debating the latest plot-twist in your favourite series, someone in your covey will have just the right advice.


The CCP provides specific events almost every month for covey members to connect with one another and build relationships. These events are designed for coveys to meet – both within the covey and with other coveys. Take a look at these upcoming activities for a better understanding of the kind of activities the CCP offers:

Additionally, every covey is encouraged to meet outside of CCP organised activities. Want to go bowling? Or to the beach? Call on your covey and make it happen!


Every Campus The Hague student can sign up for the CCP. The CCP aims to match students based on interest – after all, birds of a feather flock together! Joining a covey is easy, and follows just three steps:

  1. The first step to joining a covey is registering. Fill out the registration form so we can gauge your interests.
  2. We evaluate your registration, and match you up with a covey.
  3. You receive information on your covey, and are invited for the next upcoming event to meet and join your covey!
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