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Contact with other students

Staying in contact with other students might not always be easy but it is very important. Find out about the different ways in which you can meet other students.


Are you looking for someone to study with? Or would you like to contact other students for conversation or social activities? The student buddy service can put you in touch with other students. Sign up for the student buddy service.

Download the Uni-Life or Studar app

Via the Uni-Life app (for Leiden) and Studar app (for The Hague) you can stay up to date on all the latest social activities for students of Leiden University. Uni-Life also offers the option to get to know new people via online communities. Read more about Uni-Life and Studar.

Online coffee break or study hour

It is important to stay in contact with other students, especially in times when your studies are mostly online. There are a various online facilities available via the university through which you can, for example, hold an online study session or coffee break.   

Student Support Groups

Would you like more social contact? Would you find it motivating to talk with other students about your studies and goals? Then sign up for a Student Support Group. You are not alone. Sharing experiences with other students can help. The Student Support Groups are open to all. Sign up via: studentsupportgroups@sea.leidenuniv.nl.

Student Schuift Aan (Meet and Eat)

Do you ever feel lonely or would like to have a little fun and meet new people? Why not sign up for Student Schuift Aan (meet and eat)? Via this initiative, the Present Foundation brings together people who could use some company. Both students and residents of Leiden and Oegstgeest. Together, you will form duos and arrange to cook and eat at your place or theirs. Sounds like fun? Sign up via the Present Foundation website. You can state your preferred days when registering.

Finding your way together at Leiden University

Are you the first person in your family to study at university and do you need a little help finding your way? Would you like to contact other students who understand that it can be difficult adapting to university life? The Meeting Point can help. Meeting Point staff are experienced in guiding refugee students, international students, students from the Caribbean region and first-generation students. They also organise regular group activities for students.  

Contact with the LGBTQIA+ community

Would you like to make contact with people in the LGBTQIA+ community? Or do you have questions about gender identity or sexual orientation? Get in touch with the LGBT+ network or send an email to queerpeer.leiden@gmail.com. You can also check out Leiden Pride, an LGBTQIA+ organisation that works closely with Leiden University.

Ethnic and cultural diversity

Would you like to talk to other students about issues related to race and ethnicity? Space to Talk about Race is an intersectional community that organises a range of activities related to this topic as well as safe(r) space meetings. The Afro Student Association (ASA) and Middle East and North Africa student association (MENA) also organise events and offer a community. Remember that if you have questions related to diversity and inclusion as well as safety on campus, you are always welcome to contact the Diversity and Inclusion Expertise Office.


As well as being fun, associations can offer you a social network and a range of worthwhile activities. Many students find that association membership enriches their student days and contributes to their enjoyment of their studies. A study association is a good way to combine study-related activities with having fun. There are also many student associations in which students from various disciplines and with various interests come together for fun, sports and cultural activities.

University Sports Centre

Would you like to meet other students and get fit at the same time? Join the University Sports Centre (USC). At the USC you can do team sports and group classes as well as working out at the gym. Students often set up WhatsApp groups to arrange meet-ups at the USC, which can be a great way to make friends.

Have a good suggestion? Let us know.

Do you have a good suggestion concerning how to improve student well-being? Let us know by sending a mail to: studentwellbeing@sea.leidenuniv.nl.

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