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Workshops and training courses

During your time as a student it is important to gain knowledge not only in your field of study, but also for life. An important part of this is personal development. The university would like to support you in this goal. For example, in getting enough exercise and relaxation, developing resilience and feeling happy. There are a variety of (online) coaching programmes, apps and guidance services available that can help.

Our student psychologists are on hand to help you with any psychological problems you might be experiencing, such as fear of failure, motivation issues, sombre thoughts or serious stress. Get in touch and plan an (online) appointment.

Do you want to learn how to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Andrea Evers, Professor of Health Psychology, explains how to do so and how to make it fun at the same time.  

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The Career Services can offer you personal guidance both during your studies and up to five years after graduation. You can find a career service at every faculty. 

Plenty of Leiden students have gone before you and navigated their way through their studies and into the job market. Many of these Leiden alumni would love to share their experiences with you via the Mentor Network. A mentor can help you to find the path to your first job. Find the right mentor for you via the Leiden University Mentor Network.

GetStarted online self-help programme

Get started, the free online self-help programme from Caring Universities, teaches you all about the psychology of procrastination, the cycle of procrastination and how to get yourself motivated.

Also watch this video to find out how you can motivate yourself to overcome bad habits:

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Rel@x online self-help programme

In the free online self-help programme Rel@x from Caring Universities you’ll learn about the mechanisms behind stress and how to manage feelings of stress. You’ll cover topics like coping mechanisms and problem-solution strategies, and will determine your own goals and how you can effectively work towards them.

Having a good grip on your financial situation is also important for your personal well-being. You are always welcome to speak to one of Leiden University’s Student Counsellors if you have money-related concerns.

Moodpep online self-help programme

Are you having sombre thoughts or feeling low? Try Moodpep, the Caring Universities free online self-help programme. The programme is based on Cognitive Behavioural therapy. On the basis of materials and interactive exercises you’ll work on, for example, changing negative thoughts, effective relaxation and focusing on your goal.  

Lifehack online self-help programme

Build up your resilience with the free online self-help programme Lifehack, from Caring Universities.  You will cover four domains: your emotional well-being, your studies, your social life and your self-esteem. Complete the domains that appeal to you most and develop your skills.

I-sleep & Bioclock online self-help programme

Want to improve your sleep using Cognitive Behavioural therapy? Follow the free online self-help programme I-sleep & Bioclock from Caring Universities. The topics you’ll discuss include the biological clock, changing behaviour that hinders sleep (sleep hygiene), changing sleep patterns, relaxation, and dealing with worry and negative thoughts about sleep.

Get a grip online self-help programme

Sometimes there's so much going on in life that we don't know how to get a handle on things. In the free online self-help programme Get a grip  from Caring Universities you’ll get tips and tool to get your life back on track.

Would you rather take part in a group workshop under the guidance of a trainer? Or join regular group meetings with people in similar situation (such as those coping with grief or a thesis-writing group)? There are also monthly group workshops on study skills, for example effective studying, dealing with exam stress and time management.

As a student, you may sometimes feel a great deal of pressure to perform well. When this pressure leads to procrastination, fretting or even excessive studying, you may be suffering from fear of failure. In the Change your mind online training course with student psychologist Hagar Donners, you can learn how to change your thinking, better regulate your emotions and build up your self-confidence.

Want to know more about online training and workshops?  See the overview of available courses.

Could you use some extra tools and support in terms of planning, mental health, structure in your life and other such matters? By following the ‘Gezonde Boel’ online modules you can work on strengthening both your study skills and your mental health. Based on the most common questions posed by students, there are modules on worrying, planning and structure, dealing with money, relaxation and happiness.

As a student of Leiden University you can follow these modules free of charge and anonymously. Take a look at the Selection Guide for an overview of the available modules per category. Have you found one that suits your needs? Log onto the Gezonde Boel platform with your ULCN to get started with the module right away.

Have a good suggestion? Let us know.

Do you have a good suggestion concerning how to improve student well-being? Let us know by sending a mail to: studentwellbeing@sea.leidenuniv.nl.

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