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Online behavior

Interaction with your instructors will be different in an online setting. However, some things do not change.

Please read the Leiden University Code of Conduct Remote Teaching – Online Classroom Participation

  1. Set up your study space in time and ensure a quiet environment without interruptions. Join the class on time.
  2. Continue to behave in a respectable manner in line with on campus teaching: for example do not eat your breakfast or lunch during class, wait for the break to go to the bathroom, make sure you are properly dressed.
  3. It is prohibited to share documents, communication, screenshots or any type of recording of the classroom with outsiders or third parties. Course instructors may choose to record a class, but participants must be informed beforehand of the recording. Recordings are made for educational purposes and are not shared with outsiders or third parties without consent of those who are in the recording. 
  4. Interact and communicate with your peers in a respectable manner. It is possible that a time lag occurs due to internet connections. Be patient and courteous.
  5. Use online office hours for questions and concerns. Respect the working hours of your instructor, who may be teaching another course, could in a meeting, or working on class preparations or research. 
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