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Bachelor Honours Classes

Bachelor Honours Classes are small-scale, interdisciplinary courses that address complex scientific and social issues. Are you looking for an additional challenge alongside your Bachelor studies? Then why not register for an Honours Class?

View the courses on offer in the prospectus. 

Small-scale and topical

On average there are 16 students in a Bachelor Honours Class. Due to this small scale, there is plenty of room for personal focus and debate. A new range of Classes is offered each year, which means you’ll always be working with topical themes and the latest research.

Interdisciplinary and international

In a Bachelor Honours Classes, you will work together with (international) students from various study programmes. Because of the interdisciplinary and international nature of these honours classes, you will learn to tackle issues from different disciplinary and cultural perspectives.

Skill development and innovative education

Honours Classes will help you develop new skills, such as negotiating, persuasive writing, public speaking and critical thinking. You will also experience innovative forms of education, such as practical assignments and virtual education, and work on your personal development. 

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For everyone

Students following the Honours College programme are required to attend at least one Bachelor Honours Class as part of their honours track. Furthermore, third-year Bachelor students who are not following the Honours College Programme are welcome to register for Bachelor Honours Classes. 

Requirements are that you:

  • Have a grade average of 7 or higher
  • Have sufficient time aside from your regular study programme
  • Are motivated to attend a Bachelor Honours Class

There are no additional fees associated with attending a Bachelor Honours Class unless otherwise indicated.

TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam

Students of TU Delft and the Erasmus University Rotterdam are welcome to apply for Bachelor Honours Classes at Leiden University. You do not need to be an honours student at your own university.  

Wide range of classes

You can choose from a selection of around 40 different Bachelor Honours Classes. The selection changes each year due to the topical nature of the issues covered in the Bachelor Honours Classes.

Bachelor Honours Classes


You can follow Bachelor Honours Classes during:

  • the first semester
  • the second semester
  • the summer

Honours College students can choose at what point in their honours track they wish to attend a Bachelor Honours Class. In general, the best time to attend a Bachelor Honours Class is during the second year or the first semester of the third year of their bachelor's programme. Third-year bachelor students who are not following the Honours College track can attend a Bachelor Honours Class during their third year.

However, because of the deadline for bachelor’s certification and/or master's admission procedures, we discourage third-year bachelor students (Honours College student or not) to attend a summer school if they plan to graduate the same summer.

Study credits and certification

Bachelor Honours Classes are worth 5 EC. These are extra-curricular study credits, not elective credits. In other words, they do not count towards the credit requirement for your degree programme.* 

Successfully completed Bachelor Honours Classes will be mentioned on your diploma supplement and students from Erasmus University Rotterdam and TU Delft will also receive an Honours Class certificate. Honours College students will not receive a separate Honours Class certificate. Instead they will receive a certificate upon completion of their entire Honours College track. Students from Leiden University can request a Honours Class certificate via usis-ha@ha.leidenuniv.nl

* Exception: LUC students can count the 5 EC of the Bachelor Honours Class towards the elective space in their Bachelor programme. However, they must request permission from the LUC Board of Examiners in advance.  


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