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Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners of the Honours College 'Governance and Global Affairs' is under Article 7.12 of the Law on Higher Education (WHW), responsible for examinations and monitors the level of exams and courses. Key tasks and responsibilities include: promulgating rules and regulations on exams; granting exemptions; taking measures with regard to order, fraud, plagiarism, etc., and decisions on appeals of students. The Faculty Board of Examiners The Hague is also charged with granting individual retakes and assessing requests concerning individual adjustments to programs and the implementation of possible electives/ elective programs.

The scope of the boards authority and the department's applicable rules and procedures are laid out in several distinct but related documents, namely:

Composition of the Faculty Board of Examiners The Hague:

  •  Dr. Zakia Shiraz
  •  Dr. Matt Young

Requests to the Board of Examiners 

The Board of Examiners in its capacity also processes individual requests from students regarding their studies (about subjects mentioned above or other questions regarding the regulations and/or the regulations for teaching and examinations). 

For individual questions to the Board of Examiners the following rules and procedures are applicable. All questions and any supporting evidence are only considered if sent through the web form (not by e-mail).

In the case of individual questions the exam committee will in principle make a decision within 15 working days after the request and / or accompanying documents are received by the commission. The deadline of 15 working days thus begins as soon as all required documents to the examination board are received. In some periods (around mandatory holidays, Christmas period, the end of the academic year and summer break) the examination board preserves the right to exceed this limit. Where possible students will receive a message in this case.

Questions and comments can be send to fec-dh@fgga.leidenuniv.nl.

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