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Do you have a question concerning the Leiden Leadership Programme? You can find the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions below.

If your question does not appear in the FAQ, you can contact us at leadership@ha.leidenuniv.nl

Who can apply?

Bachelor’s students cannot apply for the Leiden Leadership Programme. We offer a variety of other Honours education to bachelor’s students, including Bachelor Honours Classes, the Honours College and the LDE programmes for Sustainability and Space & Society

Pre-master's students cannot apply for Leiden Leadership Programme. However, you are welcome to apply for a Bachelor Honours Class before becoming a master’s student.

Only if you are enrolled in a master's programme for a full year at Leiden University, TU Delft or Erasmus University (see also questions 4 and 5 below).

If you are a student from TU Delft or Erasmus University Rotterdam, you can apply. Unfortunately, if you are a student from another university, you cannot apply.

If you want to follow the LLP, you have to be enrolled for a master’s studies (or two) from November to June at Leiden University, TU Delft or Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Application and admission

You can only apply for the Leiden Leadership Programme as a whole.

The application for the LLP opens in September. Due to the tight schedule needed for the selection process it is very important that you apply before the admission deadline.

In-person attendance is mandatory for each part of the programme. If you are absent for a prolonged period of time, your application will be denied.

The motivation form needs to be written in a predetermined format, which can be found here.

First, check your spam folder. If you cannot find the confirmation email in your spam folder, please send an email to leadership@ha.leidenuniv.nl.

The LLP starts in the first half of November. In the middle of October, you will receive an email which states if you are admitted to the programme or not.

Following admission

The organisation of the Leiden Leadership Programme will take care of your registration in uSis, approximately a week before the start of the course. Therefore, you do not need to register in uSis yourself.

Once your enrollment is completed in uSis, you will gain access to the Brightspace module. Note that we take care of both your registration in uSis and your access to Brightspace.

If you apply for the LLP, we expect full commitment and availability. Do you nonetheless find yourself in a situation where you want to unenroll during the programme, please contact the LLP organisation as soon as possible by sending an email to leadership@ha.leidenuniv.nl. Do not forget to state the reason for your unenrollment.

Upon successful completion of the LLP

Upon successful completion of the Leiden Leadership Programme, you will receive a certificate. Your study result will also appear on your diploma as an extracurricular activity.

The LLP credits do not count as an elective in your regular study programme. However, your grade for the LLP will appear as an extracurricular activity on your diploma supplement.

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