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Honours education

Are you inquisitive and ambitious? Do you want to get more out of your studies? Honours education provides extra challenge alongside your regular study programme. Honours education at Leiden University is organised by the Honours Academy.

Personalised and challenging

Honours education consists of personalised and challenging programmes that you can follow alongside your bachelor or master studies. You’ll work with students from other academic fields and broaden your perspective by, for example, examining scientific issues from different disciplinary angles. Group sizes are small, which means there's plenty of opportunity to experiment and pursue your own interests.

Honours education

Leiden University offers several honours programmes, which can be followed by bachelor's students, master's students and sometimes by both. 

  • Honours College (30 EC): Full-fledged honours programme that you complete at a faculty during the second, third (and optionally also first) year of your bachelor studies. 
  • Bachelor Honours Classes (5 EC): Interdisciplinary, innovative courses that challenge you regarding a particular subject. Mandatory for Honours College students, but you may also apply as a non-honours student!
  • LDE Bachelor Honours Programme Sustainability: One-year honours programme for second- and third-year bachelor students who want to develop themselves in the field of sustainability, together with students from Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam. 
  • Some practical challenges of the Master Honours Classes & Challenges are also available for advanced bachelor students. 
  • Leiden Leadership Programme (15 EC): full one-year honours programme in which you further develop your leadership skills, delve into a socially relevant topic and gain experience in an organisation.
  • Master Honours Classes & Challenges (5 or 10 EC): a shorter course or project in which you learn to tackle a complex issue for society or on behalf of a partner organisation.

An overview of all honours programmes can be found below:


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