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Previous projects

You can find an overview of the projects and a list of all research trainees below.




Global Privateering

Prof. Cátia Antunes


Dr. Gerhard de Kok

Madelon Harmsen


Giacomo Mastrogregori

Medicine and Propaganda in the Empire of Japan 1895-1945

Dr. Maurits Meerwijk


Dr. Ethan Mark

Jeroen van de Linde


Thorsten Hopman

Questions and disinformation: a cross-linguistic comparison

Dr. Matthijs Westera


Prof. Jenny Doetjes

Fenna Berger


María del Mar Forero Mesa

A Latin-Arabic Encounter: Leiden humanism and the East at the outset of Orientalism

Dr. Peter Webb


Dr. Christoph Pieper

Duncan Kampschuur


Amina el-Kabary

Monitoring Discontent: The Dutch Countryside. Rural unrest and the problem of national security in the Netherlands, 1830-1848

Dr. Diederik Smit


Dr. Maartje Janse


Prof. dr. Wim Voermans

Jessie van Straaten


Dies van der Marel

Legal and Philosophical Perspectives on Climate Justice for Small Island Developing States

Dr. Tim Meijers


Dr. Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh


Dr. Jelena Belic

Rush Massey


Clara Mendes Pereira

Bank-Courant te Batavia: The First Modern Bank (1746-1814)

Dr. Noelle Richardson


Prof. Cátia Antunes

Philipp Huber

Bob Mutsaerts

‘Plurinationality’ in the new constitutions in Latin American - The Chilean case in comparative perspective

Dr. Pablo Isla Monsalve


Dr. Soledad Valdivia Rivera

Paulina Bastián Alvarado


Jurriaan Hoenderdos

Grieks-zijn in Rome. Grafepigrammen, culturele identiteit en migratie in de keizertijd

Prof. dr. Casper de Jonge


Dr. Rens Tacoma

Janis Oomen


Thirza Vis

Orders of Magnitude: Rethinking Size, Scale, and Mass in European Science and Politics, 1850-1950

Dr. Anne Heyer


Dr. Johannes Müller

Paulien Koster


Berend Buiten

How replicable are bilingual interactive processing effects?

Dr. Jurriaan Witteman


Dr. Leticia Pablos-Robles

Ekaterina Karaseva


Chih Chieh Wang


*Merel Drop
Project Supervisors Trainees

From wonderland to site of contention Ancient: Archives in the archival turn

Dr. Rens Tacoma


Prof. dr. Caroline Waerzeggers

Joëlle Kraaijeveld


Eden Dijkstra

Narrative and Fiction in the Politics of Social-Media

Dr. Sara Polak


Dr. Frank Chouraqui

Christa Laurens


Aida Gholami

Upsetting binaries and hierarchies: queer labor economics

Dr. Eduardo Alves Vieira


Dr. María Gabriela Palacio

Thomas Grant


Texel in ‘t Veen

Arabic-Latin Dialogue at the Origins of Orientalism

Dr. Peter Webb


Dr. Christoph Pieper

Melissa Allieri


Benjamin Plomp

The role of questions in disinformation

Dr. Matthijs Westera


Prof. dr. Jenny Doetjes

Marta Cestari


Annemarije Makkinga


Elise Oosterom*

Who makes History (Part II): Authority, ownership and remembrance of the past in a multidimensional Leiden neighbourhood, Transvaal 1860-2025

Prof. dr. Ariadne Schmidt


Dr. Alicia Schrikker

Emma Sow


Danielle van Goethem

Mapping the Modernist Novel: The Circulation of Urban Narratives Between German and Italian Literature of the Early 20th Century

Dr. Carmen van den Bergh


Dr. Dorine Schellens

Chiara Ravinetto


Lyna Meyrer

Arthurian Revival across the Ages: Practices in Comparative Medievalism

Dr. Daný van Dam


Fernanda Korovsky Moura MA

Eli Elshani


Alicia Rojas Costa

Global Histories of WWII

Dr. Ethan Mark


Prof. dr. Ivo Smits

Rhe-Anne Tan


Khadija Rharissi

Monitoring discontent. Local unrest and the problem of national security in the Netherlands, 1830-1848.

Dr. Diederik Smit


Dr. Maartje Janse


Prof. dr. Wim Voermans

Nicole Hoebert


Sjors Stuurman

Language of the Poor in Late Modern Scotland: From the Archive to the Internet

Dr. Jelena Prokic


Dr. Mo Gordon

Hester Groot


Alma Strakova

*extra trainee appointed by supervisor’s own funding

Project Supervisors Trainees

We have never been secular. Towards a history of religious coping strategies during pandemics

Dr. Paul van Trigt

Dr. Tom-Eric Krijger

Lorenza Cirillo

Thijs Scherjon

Othering Non-White People(s) in German Literary and Visual Culture (1850-1920): Origins and Long-term Effects

Dr. Diana Natermann

Dr. Johannes Müller

Jan Becker

Leonie Rupp

Good men? Civic virtues in Roman memory culture

Dr. Miko Flohr

Dr. Christoph Pieper

Janis Oomen

Marianne Bakker

In search of the storyteller in Africa and in the diaspora: From performance to text to performance again

Prof. dr. Maarten Mous

Dr. Annachiara Raia

Junma Zhou

Anne Makimei

PRO-SPECT – The Spectacle of Prostitution and the making of a modern city, Amsterdam, ca. 1880-1950

Dr. Marion Pluskota

Drs. Fresco Sam-Sin

Emma Verweij

Remko Prins

Who makes History? Authority, ownership and remembrance of the past in a multidimensional Leiden neighbourhood, Transvaal 1860-2025

Prof. dr. Ariadne Schmidt

Prof. dr. Jan-Bart Gewald

Dr. Alicia Schrikker

Marjolein Oosting

Felix Kram

Investigating the translation of code-switching by language and translation students: a Dutch-Spanish, Dutch-Portuguese and Dutch-English comparison

Dr. Susana Valdez

Dr. Maria Carmen Parafita Couto

Bregje van Gastel

Bo Sterken

When Philosophers meet Linguists: the Conceptual Engineering Project

Dr. Lauren Fonteyn

Dr. Martin Lipman

Nina Haket

Luc Lichtsteiner

Romeins nepnieuws? De Handelingen van Pontius Pilatus als documentaire fictie

Dr. Rens Tacoma

Dr. Peter Burger

Anne Vorwald

Indira Huliselan

Leiden Wall Poems: a Mixed Methods Study of their History, Reception and Impact

Dr. Jan Sleutels

Prof. dr. Marina Terkourafi

Zuzanna Duijnmayer

Merle van Lier
How to Publish a Document in Cursive Script

Dr. Koen Donker van Heel

Dr. Ben Haring

Cheyenne Cozijnsen




‘Pour aprendre romain’ Learning French Outside of France, 1250-1600

Dr. Krista Murchison

Dr. Alisa van de Haar

Tanya Hart

Myrthe Galle

Monuments and Antiquity in Muslim Imaginations

Prof. Joanita Vroom

Dr. Peter Webb

Janaan Farhat

Angela Isoldi

Texts and Tellings: A Combined literary and linguistic analysis of Iraqw tales, Tanzania

Dr. Annachiara Raia

Prof. dr. Maarten Mous

Idil Samatar

Fayo Said

Dutch Missionaries and Deaf Education in Africa

Prof. dr. Monika Baar

Dr. Hope Morgan

Fenna IJtsma

Anique Schüller

Rebel Groups and Strategic Practices

Prof. dr. Isabelle Duyvesteyn

Dr. Marina Calculli

Alies Jansen

Leon Pauw

Environmental Policy Towards the Brazilian Amazon, Past and Present

Prof. Edmund Amann

Dr. Jeroen Touwen

Bianca Rizzo

Thomas Fassotte

Tracking the reception of new knowledge in Low Countries’ chronicles, 1500-1850

Prof. Judith Pollmann

Dr. Gijsbert Rutten

Sterre Schols

Johan Visser  

North-South relations in the context of changing global alliances: transformation of EU-ACP trade relations

Dr. Anna-Isabelle Richard

Dr. Vera Scepanovic

Jamie Slater

Manon van den Brekel

Confusion of tongues – A new digital tool for studying Babylon’s multi-ethnic society

Prof. dr. Caroline Waerzeggers

Dr. Alwin Kloekhorst

Dr. Margaretha Folmer

Dr. Melanie Gross

Alba de Ridder

Laura Dees

Bilingual dictionaries and their impact on the Persian language

Dr. Siavash Rafiee Rad

Prof. Sasha Lubotsky

Yushan Huang

Timur Khan

The mechanisms of dialogue in health communication

Dr. Roosmaryn Pilgram

Dr. Geert Warnar

Suze Geuke

Guus van der Peet




Modern Perceptions of Ancient Religions

Kim Beerden

Markus Altena Davidsen

Hilke Hoogenboom

Marijn Bethlehem

Effatha gebaren – reconstructing the emergence of an endangered dialect of Nederlandse Gebarentaal

Victoria Nyst

Monika Baar

Joni Oyserman

Ingeborg Groen

Leiden’s Pubscape, 1816–1894. Towards a better understanding of drink and labour

Ariadne Schmidt

Roos van Oosten

Henrike Vellinga

Astrid Theerens

Istanbul Greek -  documenting a language variety of early cosmopolitanism in danger of extinction

Marina Terkourafi

Deniz Tat

Zoi Gialitaki

Evi Blazaki

Muslim Georgia -  Islam’s Northern Frontier through Arabic Eyes

Joanita Vroom

Peter Webb

Rebecca Ruf

Sabrina Qarambach

Heritage languages compared - Papiamento, Spanish and Turkish in The Netherlands

Janet Grijzenhout

M. Carmen Parafita Couto/Deniz Tat

Ivo Boers

Serenay Kaykaç

An Anthology and History of Dutch Political Eloquence


Henk te Velde

Jaap de Jong

Solange Ploeg

Evi Dalmaijer

Scholarly collaboration before the digital age - Pieter Jacob Cosijn, Johannes Franck and the first etymological dictionary of the Dutch language

Thijs Porck

Peter Alexander Kerkhof

Anouk Mudde

Pascale Eskes

Iraqw Texts & Society 2

Maarten Mous

Lea Zuyderhoudt

Tim Smits

Jesper Tittse

Reception of Cicero in Dutch medieval and early modern literature

Christoph Pieper

Geerten Warnar

Thom van Leuveren  Esther van de Panne

Projects and supervisors


Dangerous Cities 

(Marion Pluskota, Roos van Oosten)

Suzanne Tegelaar
Marije van der Windt

Digital Innovation in Medieval Arabic History 

(Petra Sijpesteijn/Edmund Hayes, Paul Vierthaler)

Daan Sanderse

Munirah Eskander

Highway to Globalization 

(Anita van Dissel, Crystal Ennis)

Rozemarijn Vlijm
Giacomo Bogo

Investigating the Interface of Cognition and Emotion 

(Marina Terkourafi, Wataru Uegaki)

Jens Branum
Roxanne Casiez

Iraqw Texts in Society 

(Maarten Mous, Lea Zuyderhoudt)

Amy Catling

Sandra Bleeker

Languages of Citizenship 

(Maartje Janse, Joris Oddens)

Edurne De Wilde

Elsa Miedema

Mapping Squatting in Leiden 

(Bart van der Steen, Peter Burger)

Elisa Hendriks
Blerina Nimanaj

Medieval Arabic Literature from the Leiden Library 

(Arnoud Vrolijk, Peter Webb)

Rebecca Ruf

Ralph Vlaeminck

Oil Paint and Printers Ink 

(Olga van Marion, Marion Boers)

Dirk Hulst
Warja Tolstoj

The Unfinished Project of Reclaiming the City 

(Ksenia Robbe, Daniela Vicherat-Mattar)

Patricia Nistor

James King

Research projects

Research trainees

Eighteen trainees were selected to participate in the programme. Each project had two trainees working together on the project.



Being a Slave

Harkirat Singh

Doreen van den Boogaart

Disclosing Arabic

Yasmin Ismail

Vincent Sterel

Diversifying the Collections

Elise Hiddinga

Daniël Korving

Mapping the Ocean

Markus Bardenheuer

Sinha Neilabh

Pieter Jakob Cosijn’s

Amos van Baalen

Jodie Mann

Religious Narratives

Marlies de Groot

Ban van Rijn

Repositioning Modern Concert

Jan Willem Nieuwenhuis

Friederike Pank

The Influence of Music Training

Anika van der Klis

Rianne van Lieburg

Who are the Squatters

Charlotte van Rooden

Merel Snoep

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