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When deciding what to study you undoubtedly read a lot of information about your study programme. Leiden University employs various systems to provide information about programmes and courses and to facilitate communication between lecturers and students.

The Prospectus contains information about all the courses within your study programme. Here you can find all you need to know about your programme. Via the online learning environment Brightspace you can communicate with your lecturers and submit assignments.

Programme information

The specialisation Art in the Contemporary World and World Art Studies offers students a challenging trajectory throughout the vast and pluralist field of modern and contemporary art. 

Issues that will be dealt with regard major changes that characterize our times, in particular globalization and the large-scale embrace and integration of science and technology. This all has a great impact on both the making and our reflection on art. Within this dynamic, contemporary art is viewed as a site where social discourses converge in new ways. The artwork and the way it challenges us to ask questions and to deal with it is always the point of departure. 

In addition, the reading list Art in the Contemporary World aims to give students insight in specialist works on theories and approaches to contemporary art in a global world as well as cross-cultural implications of World Art Studies. For this self study literature module students choose 650 pages of preferred titles from a general list. The literature will be studied for an oral or written exam. In the final thesis the student explores an argument with regard to an object or concept related to contemporary art. 

Aside from the courses that are part of the programme Art of the Contemporary World and World Art Studies there are optional courses that may be revelant to students following this programme.

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