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Safety instructions

The university finds it important that students and staff are offered a safe environment. Read here about the safety measures in place and what you should do in case of emergencies or other incidents.

Safety measures

If you are following a programme that involves practical sessions, laboratory work, working with people or spending time outdoors, additional precautionary measures might be required. If your faculty or programme has an additional tab on this page, make sure to read it carefully.

Emergencies and incidents

Find out what to do in cases of emergencies or other incidents.

International students: beware of telephone scams

Police are warning international students, particularly those from China, about phone calls from scammers posing as employees of banks or governement agencies.

The scammer will claim you need to move your money to another bank account, or that you are being criminally investigated and must break all contact with others by e.g. switching off your phone and not going home or to class. They will then tell your parents or family members that you have disappeared and demand a ransom. As your family are unable to reach you, they might believe the scammer. 

Hang up and call 112

  • If this happens to you, hang up immediately and call the police via 112.
  • Need help contacting the police? Call the university's emergency number: +31 32 033 1343 (available 24/7). Please note that this number can currently only be reached from a mobile phone
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