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Student finance & student travel pass

When studying at Leiden University you may be entitled to Dutch student finance and a student travel pass from DUO. Whether you are eligible depends on several factors such as your nationality and length of stay.

Student finance

The Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) is the Dutch governmental agency for education. Students of Leiden University who are aged under 30 may be eligible to apply for student finance from DUO, depending on factors such as their nationality and length of stay. Student finance is in fact an advantageous loan that contributes towards your study costs.

Student travel pass

Students who are eligible for Dutch student finance may also apply for a student travel pass from DUO (known as a student OV card).  You can find all terms, conditions and application procedures on the DUO website.

Ending your studies

Important note! If you complete or discontinue your studies make sure to notify DUO and hand in your student travel pass. Failure to do so (on time) can result in fines.

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