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Students can stand as candidates during university elections via a party. On this page, the student parties present themselves.

Student parties

The Democratic Students Party - The Hague (DSP) aims to represent the interests of Campus the Hague and international students across Leiden University. Over the past three years, we have focused on gaining better representation for international students in the democratic co-participation bodies, improving the facilities in Campus the Hague and fighting for better student housing. We are excited to continue our pursuit of these goals in the coming year while also advocating for greater inclusivity, sustainability and mental health facilities in Leiden University.

As the only student party with an international representative on the University Council and coming from a campus with a significantly diverse presence, we find it important to ensure an inclusive university environment where all student interests and concerns are heard.

You can contact the DSP through e-mail and learn more about our program and candidates via our social media and our website.

"Your student days are a wonderful time. Especially in our beautiful student city, with its rich student association culture and endless opportunities. As the only liberal student party in Leiden, the LSP wants students to be given more opportunity to develop themselves alongside their studies. We believe that every student is capable of following his or her heart and setting the right priorities, and that the university should stimulate students to make their own choices whenever possible. After all, there’s a good reason why the university’s motto has long been 'Praesidium Libertatis’: Bastion of Liberty."

Visit the LSP website (in Dutch)

“De Lijst Vooruitstrevende Studenten (party for progressive students) strives for the creation of a diverse and inclusive university, in all respects. The university should be a place where all students can develop on a personal level, irrespective of their background, nationality or (dis)abilities. This means that the university must focus on supporting students in their education, their well-being and a green university. LVS is there for every student, to build an inclusive university together with its members. 

If more is to be expected from students these days, students can also expect more from their university! This is the message that LVS wants to get across in the councils. Therefore we aim for seats on every faculty council and ask our members to be active and professional. 

You can find our party’s programme, views and candidates on lvsleidenhaag.nl or contact us to share your ideas via: lvs.leiden@gmail.comFacebook or Instagram.”

“ONS Leiden is committed to supporting proactive students who want to achieve more during their student days than just completing their studies. Their name translates as ‘Leiden entrepreneurial students’. How does that work in a corona crisis? ONS ensures the availability of student workplaces and is working on better student wellbeing awareness and information in the strategic plan for upcoming years with special attention for the international student.

The university must do more for its international students. This group is often overlooked and insufficiently incorporated into the university community. ONS also strives for a more sustainable university. This is not only good for the environment, but also makes financial sense. We want clear communication concerning the topic of physical education in corona time. The university should provide creative solutions and should more spaces where students can work together in small groups.

You can find our party’s views and candidates on stemons.nl. Contact us via Instagram or Facebook."

"The Party for (Bio)Medical Students (PBMS) wants to give LUMC a voice at university level. For the past two years, there has been an LUMC member on the University Council: and with success! For example, the propaedeutic requirement for minors has been removed throughout the whole university.

The main focus points for the party are the reform of co-participation in the university, the promotion of student welfare, and giving a more prominent role to internationalisation. We see that students are not involved in university and faculty councils: they are unware of their existence, don’t realise what they can do for them and don’t feel represented. Co-participation bodies must involve all students in decision-making in an accessible way - it shouldn’t be just for the representatives themselves. The university should also promote student wellbeing with smart innovate ideas, especially now we are studying from home a great deal of the time. Has corona brought about any positive changes or should education return to normal as soon as possible? And in our building: are there enough study spaces, IT facilities and support facilities? PBMS wants to tackle these issues.  

We are also placing emphasis on internationalisation: PBMS is calling for a clear internationalisation plan through which Leiden University can be seen to all to be a world university. With its defining Bio-Science Park, well-known Law school and world-renowned Centre for Linguistics, this should be a higher priority for Leiden University.

The PBMS is a party that works differently: in which the student comes first and problems are identified and dealt with quicker. PBMS: why make things difficult when we can do things together.

For more information, visit our FacebookInstagram; or send an email to pbms.leiden@gmail.com."

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