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What and why?

Students who study abroad independently are known as ‘free movers’. As a free mover you will need to make a lot of arrangements yourself. Important considerations are:  

  • Safe destination
    You may not go to a country for which negative travel advice has been issued for study-related activities . Visit the Health and safety page and read Leiden University Regulations on Studying Abroad for more information. 
  • Double tuition fees
    As a free mover, you will have to pay tuition fees to your host university, whilst also remaining registered and paying tuition fees at Leiden University.
  • Arrange your own application
    As a free mover, you must make all the necessary arrangements with your faculty and apply to the university abroad yourself. 
  • Register in study abroad portal
    After gaining approval from your study programme, you must register your activity in Leiden University’s study abroad portal. This will enable the university to contact you in case of emergencies.
Photo: Lieuwe van Slooten
Photo: Lieuwe van Slooten
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