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The POPcorner, Career Service and Community Engagement Service are happy to support you during your study career. Every month you will find an overview of our activities here. This time: the summer edition!



The POPcorner wants to help you as you find your way through the faculty and your program. The POPcorner can help you get off to a good start in your program, give advice on who you can turn to with your questions and they offer training courses to improve language and/or study performance. 

During the summer, there are no events planned, however, you can still follow online courses at the e-POPcorner!
The following workshops are offered: 

  • Methods and Statistics

  • Mind Mapping

  • Study Skills

  • Making exams 

  • Time management

Check the website for more information. To enrol, go to the ePOPcorner Brightspace self enrolment link. Log in and choose enrol in course. You can now find the ePOPcorner in your courses under the tab other. 

Career Service

Career Service during the summer

The well-deserved summer is almost upon us. Finally, you can spend less time behind your laptop and enjoy more time offline.
Are you looking for a new job or volunteer opportunity in the summer months, or are you looking to improve you Career - skills? At the Career Service of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences we have some tips for you! We guide students and recent graduates with the transition from study to first job and with study choice and career questions in the bachelor’s and master’s programmes.

Take a look on our Career Zone website for information about career advice, career skills, workshops, and vacancies!  Throughout the year, we organize plenty of events and workshops that help you explore the job market and improve your personal and professional skills.
Did you miss an event or webinar? No worries. You can watch most of the recorded webinars! For instance, check out the webinars and workshops that took place during the Career Event the Hague here:

A TIP from our student assistants!
Do you also struggle with finding the motivation to study for your finals, or do you lack the focus for the final stretch of your thesis?  And do you often catch yourself scrolling mindlessly through Instagram/TikTok/Facebook? You are not the only one.
Fortunately, you can find a lot of useful career-related information on these platforms, so that you can pick up something useful from all the reels.
Type in ‘career advice’ in the search bar, and you will find thousands of results with helpful tips & tricks.

For example, the following accounts give helpful tips for job interviews, sorting out your finances or to improve your personal and professional skills:
@apowermood (165k followers on Instagram)
@shadezahrai (358k followers on Instagram)
@careerwithboris (502k followers on TikTok)
@Jonathanwordsofwisdom, (21.4k followers on TikTok). 

Leiden University Job Portal
On the LU Career Zone website, you will find all the vacancies that employers have shared with Career Services. You will also find all sorts of vacancy websites for internships, graduate jobs, part-time jobs, and voluntary work. Take into account that due to Corona measures of the university, physical traveling abroad (e.g. for internship or work) are subject to requirements and contact employers about online possibilities. 
See the Job Portal for all vacancies.

CV en LinkedIn Service
Career Service FSW offers a free Online CV & LinkedIn profile check. Send an email with your CV / LinkedIn profile URL to careerservice.socialsciences@FSW.leidenuniv.nl and you will receive feedback within 5 working days.
Do you prefer to talk to someone online? Schedule an online appointment here and discuss your CV and/or LinkedIn profile with the student assistants of the Career Service FSW!

Community Engagement Service

Community Engagement Service

Looking for a volunteer position in the summer months? The Community Engagement Services of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences aims to inform, advise, and support students regarding relevant (extra-curricular) work experience, with a strong focus on volunteer work.
Check our website for more information or to make an appointment! 

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