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Find out what to do in the event of an emergency or incident during your studies.

When every second counts

Are you outside a university building?  

  • Call 112.

Are you inside a university building?

  • Call the building’s emergency number. This can be found on all telephones and most doors inside the building.

Are you abroad?

Mental health emergency

If you need urgent psychological help, contact your GP. Outside office hours, you can contact the ‘Out of hours doctor’s post’ in Leiden  or The Hague.

Needle-stick injury

  • Call 071 - 527 8015.

A needle-stick injury is an accident in which you are brought into direct contact with the blood or bodily fluid of another person or animal. Not only via a needle, but also via cuts, splashes or bites.

Other incidents

Suspicious situations in university buildings

Such as a broken window or an open door outside opening times:

  • Call the security service via: 071 - 527 3038
  • Or outside opening times: 06 - 26 97 50 16

Data breach or cybercrime

A data breach is when personal information comes into the hands of people who are not supposed to have access to this information. If you are unsure whether a data breach has taken place, contact the data protection officer

Instructions from your study programme

Some study programmes provide additional instructions, for example if laboratory work is involved. If your faculty or study programme has an additional tab on this page, make sure to read it carefully.

Always report emergencies and incidents

If you are involved in an emergency or incident, it is very important that you report it to the university within 24 hours via incident@vastgoed.leidenuniv.nl - even if all ended well. This enables the university to improve its safety policies and avoid similar incidents in future. Make sure to state your name, telephone number, details of what happened and when it occurred. Your report will always be treated confidentially.

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