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Bachelor Honours Classes

Do you have broad interests or a passion for a specific subject? Enrich your study period and delve into another field with a Bachelor Honours Class!

🔍 Follow your curiosity, take an Honours Class!

Would you like to… 

  • Take a look at a completely different study field
  • Discover whether a certain theme fits you; 
  • Experience education that is different from what you are used to
  • Develop skills that will benefit you even after your studies?

    ​​​​​​​Take a look at our Bachelor Honours Classes (5EC)! There are more than 30 courses to choose from. 

For students from all bachelor programmes

Are you a third-year bachelor’s student at Leiden University, TU Delft or Erasmus University Rotterdam? Are you progressing smoothly through your studies? And do you have the motivation and time to take on an extra challenging course? Seize the opportunity and sign up for a Bachelor Honours Class! 

For students participating in the Honours College of Leiden University, taking at least one Bachelor Class is mandatory.  

🌱 Experiment in the educational testing ground

Honours education functions as a testing ground where you can step outside the usual paths and experiment with new subjects and different types of education. 

  • Bachelor Honours Classes are small-scale. There is a lot of room for interaction and discussion. 
  • You work with students from other programs. This way, you gain new perspectives and learn to think interdisciplinarily. 
  • You develop skills that are less addressed in your own studies but are useful in your future life. Think of resilience, creativity, or the ability to collaboratively come up with joint solutions.
  • You will engage in different types of assignments: podcasts, interviews, excursions, workshops, and more! 

📅 Combining with your studies

A Bachelor Honours Class is always an addition to your regular program and cannot be used in the elective space of your study (except at LUC, where you need prior approval from the examination committee). 

If you participate in a Bachelor Honours Class, we expect full commitment and attendance at the meetings and seminars. Generally, students report that this is manageable and well worth the time investment. 

Note: There are no additional costs associated with taking honours courses at Leiden University, unless there are (as in rare cases) excursion costs. If this is the case, it will be stated in the course guide. 

When can I take a Bachelor Honours Class?

You can take a Bachelor Honours Class at three times during the year: 

  • In the first semester 
  • In the second semester
  • In the summer. Note: We advise against this if you are graduating that same summer, due to deadlines for diploma applications and/or master’s admission. 

Also, check the application deadlines for the Bachelor Honours Classes under Registration & Admission. 

@Honours College students: You decide when to take a Bachelor Honours Class within your track. A Honours Class fits well in your second year or in the first semester of your third year. 

🎓 Certificate and diploma supplement

When you successfully complete a Bachelor Honours Class, it will be mentioned on your diploma supplement. Students from Erasmus University Rotterdam and TU Delft automatically receive an Honours Class certificate and a grade transcript. Students from Leiden University can request an Honours Class certificate via usis-ha@ha.leidenuniv.nl, except for Honours College students. They only receive a certificate for the entire Honours College track. 


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