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Saxion minor over Romeinse Limes open voor Leidse studenten

26 april 2023

The Board of Examiners of the Faculty of Archaeology has decided that students are free to enroll in the Saxion minor C-Limes. There is no need to send in a formal request.

About the minor

Do you want to expand your knowledge of the Roman period? Saxion University of Applied Sciences offers the minor C-Limes (30ec). which is part of the NWO-research project Constructing the Limes.

The focus is on: A) Roman temporary camps. You will track them by remote sensing methods and possibly by using drones and fieldwork;  B) The largest Roman cemetery along the Dutch part of the Lower German limes at Valkenburg-Marktveld (province ZH). The minor is offered twice a year, in Dutch, in Deventer, by Wouter Vos, Jeroen Oosterbaan and different guest-experts lecturers. Several excursions and a hands-on program are included. Interested? Then apply now by sending an e-mail to Femke Tomas. Application deadline is May 31st.

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