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Changing your personal data

The university receives your personal data from the details you enter in your online application and your registration with your local Dutch municipality. You can change your preferred first name, correspondence address and emergency contact details at any time.

Changing your preferred first name

Do you use a different first name to the one currently stated in your ULCN account? If you are a degree student, you can change the name you prefer to be called via Studielink. Log into Studielink, go to the ‘My details’ tab and set your preferred first name. If you are a non-degree student, you can update your preferred first name via the Student Affairs Front Office. Your updated name will become visible in all university systems that you log into with your ULCN account, such as Brightspace, uSis and MS Teams.

For questions about other information in your ULCN account, please check the FAQ or visit the Helpdesk portal. For questions related to diversity and inclusion, you can contact the Diversity and Inclusion Expertise Office via diversiteit@leidenuniv.nl.

Changing your address

It is essential that the university always has your correct address to avoid important correspondence going astray.

Correspondence address

The university sends all post, for example your LU-card, to your correspondence address. If you are registered in Studielink and need to update your address you simply need to:   

  1. Go to “My Studielink’, select ‘My details’, then ‘Change correspondence address’.
  2. Enter your new correspondence address and click on confirm.
  3. Your new correspondence address will automatically be communicated to the university

If you are not registered in Studielink you can update your address via the Student Affairs Front Office, either in person or via the contact form. Make sure to take along your ID or attach a copy in the contact form.

Municipal register address (GBA address)

This is your residential address as recorded in the Dutch municipal register (Gemeentelijke Basis Administratie in Dutch).  You can only change this address at the town hall at which you are registered, not via Studielink or the university.

Important note! When requesting Dutch student finance make sure the address you provide to DUO is the same as your GBA address. This information is used to determine whether you are entitled to a grant for students living at home or away from home.

Emergency contact address

You can choose to provide us with an emergency contact address, for example your parents’  address, either via Studielink or the Student Affairs Front Office.

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