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Board membership

Being on the board of a student association or organisation is a great way to gain work experience whilst having an unforgettable time with your fellow students. As a student board member, you may also be eligible for financial support.

Certificate for your efforts

Board membership activities contribute to the smooth running of the university and the personal development of students. To express its appreciation, Leiden University awards certificates to board members for their efforts. If you are eligible for financial support - see below - you will automatically receive your certificate after requesting payment of your funds. If you are not eligible for financial support, you can instead request a certificate via this form.

Financial support

Student organisations can request financial support from the university to reward students who have undertaken board membership activities.

If your student organisation is granted financial support, you may be entitled to funds for your board membership activities. Find out more below.

Have you carried out board membership activities for an organisation in one of the following categories? And has your organisation requested financial support for its board members? If so, you may be entitled to funds.

  1. Faculty-based study associations
  2. Faculty-based co-participation bodies
  3. Student and sport associations that fall under the Local Chamber of Associations (PKvV)
  4. Organisations that organise academic, job-market and other activities for Leiden students (non-faculty affiliated)
  5. Student parties with an electoral list for the faculty councils or the University Council. 

Not sure if your organisation qualifies for financial support?

See the information for student organisations on the eligibility criteria and procedures for requesting financial support for members. 

For student organisation

After your student organisation has requested financial support, the Student and Educational Affairs department (SEA) will make a decision on the request and inform your organisation how much financial support it has been allocated. 

Your student organisation must then complete a chairperson’s statement, signed by every board member, indicating how much financial support each board member is entitled to. As a board member, you will be given a copy of this chairperson’s statement so you can request payment of your funds.

  • Have a question about the amount of funds allocated to you? Contact the chairperson of your student organisation.

For faculty co-participation bodies

Every year, your faculty assessor requests financial support for all student members of faculty co-participation bodies. The Student and Educational Affairs department (SEA) makes a decision on these requests then sends an award decision by email to each student member stating how much financial support they are entitled to. You will need this award decision to request payment of your funds - see Requesting payment below. 

  • Have a question about the amount of funds allocated to you? Contact your faculty assessor.
  • You are registered as a tuition fee-paying Leiden University student in the year in which you undertake the board activities.
  • You are not receiving financial assistance for the same activity via the University Council Facilities Regulations, the Compensation Ruling for Faculty Board Members and Services Managers, or the Leiden Student Council Regulations.
  • You may receive a maximum of 18 months’ worth of financial support for board membership activities during your entire period of student registration at Leiden University.

Financial support amounts to 315 euro for each recognised month of board activities. If you are/were receiving a DUO supplementary grant during your board membership activities, you will receive additional funding equivalent to the amount of your top-up grant.

Full-time board membership: tuition fee compensation

If you receive financial support for full-time board membership (12 months), you will also receive financial compensation equivalent to one year of statutory tuition fee. If you cancel your student registration part-way through the academic year, you must repay this tuition fee compensation on a pro-rata basis.

Tuition fee-free board membership

You can also opt for tuition fee-free board membership. In this case, when requesting financial support you must sign a contract stating that you were not registered as a student of Leiden University during your board membership period, but will be registered as a student the subsequent year.

Note: if you opt for tuition fee-free board membership, you are not entitled to student finance from DUO, i.e. a student loan or student travel product.


Fulltime board membership
  • Before starting board membership activities
    You must request payment of financial support before starting your full-time (12 months) board membership activities.
Part-time board membership
  • No later than 3 months after completing your studies
    You can request payment of financial support up to 3 months after completing your study programme.
  • Deadline: 31 December
    You must submit your application before 31 December in the year in which your board membership activities took place. For example: if you undertook board activities in the academic year 2019/2020, the deadline is 31 December 2020.


  1. Check whether you meet the conditions above.
  2. Collect the necessary documents:
    • Statement showing how many months’ worth of financial support you have been allocated i.e.:
      • for board members of student organisations: a completed chairperson’s statement.
      • for student members of faculty-co-participation bodies: an award decision email from SEA.
    • Proof of student registration, or if you are opting for tuition fee-free board membership (only for full-time board membership), a completed tuition fee-free board membership contract (form available in Dutch)
    • If you are/were entitled to a DUO supplementary top-up grant during your board membership activities: a copy of your DUO financial overview
  3. Complete the request form.

Payment date

Fulltime board membership

You will receive monthly payments during your board membership activities.

Part-time board membership

You will receive a one-off payment once you have completed your board membership activities.

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