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BSA norm lowered to 40 study credits

26 January 2022

Due to the coronavirus situation, Leiden University's Executive Board has lowered the BSA norm this year from 45 to 40 study credits + any additional requirements in so far as these apply. The Executive Board made the decision after consultation with the vice-deans and co-participation bodies. 

First-year students

The BSA has only been lowered for first-year students (who began their studies in September 2021). The BSA had already been lowered to 40 credits for students who started in 2020.

Part-time students

The norm has also been lowered for part-time students, from 30 to 25 study credits (+ any additional requirements in so far as these apply).

TU Delft and Erasmus

A change may follow for the degree programmes that we provide in conjunction with Delft University of Technology. Students will be informed if this is the case.

Individual exceptions

In addition, exceptions can also be made for individual students who run into difficulties as a result of personal circumstances or cases of 'extreme unfairness' - this at the discretion of the board of examiner.

National decision

The decision to lower the norm is the outcome of deliberation between the 14 universities in the Universiteiten van Nederland (UNL) network. In light of the corona crisis, the 14 universities have agreed to lower their BSA norm within a margin of 10-15% this year. Universities can decide for themselves how to implement this national decision. Leiden University has decided to lower the norm by 5 credits. 

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