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Register for the Thesis group in Leiden or The Hague!

24 August 2022

Do you sometimes feel lonely while writing your thesis? Do you find it difficult to get going and to get started on schedule? Every semester the Writing Lab organises a thesis group in Leiden and The Hague. You are guided by a coach of the Writing Lab and come into contact with fellow students. Joining a thesis group can help you be more motivated and structured when writing your thesis. Would you like to know more? Read more below

The thesis groups of the Writing Lab are aimed at all students of the Faculty of Humanities who are working on their bachelor's or master's thesis. You can join for different reasons. For example, you may want to exchange experiences with fellow students, get help to stay motivated, work on your planning or setting goals, or share experiences on dealing with your supervisor. The group is led by a Writing Lab coach, but active participation is expected from every participant. 

A thesis group is meant to get to know and exchange experiences with fellow students who are also working on a thesis. In four sessions led by a Writing Lab coach, various topics are addressed, such as time management, dealing with your supervisor, motivation and setting goals. Besides the regular sessions, there is also the opportunity to work together. In the first session, you get to know the other participants of the group and you learn more about making a planning. In the remaining sessions, attention is paid to working on common goals and exchanging experiences. Based on the needs of the participants, writing strategies are also discussed. The specific content of the thesis group depends on the needs and input of the group. There is also the possibility to have contact and work together outside the regular meetings. Exchanging experiences helps you to sort out your thoughts and achieve your goals. Because you find support from each other, writing your thesis becomes more fun and efficient!

The next thesis groups will start in the academic year 2022-2023 in the week of 10 until 14 October. This will be followed by three weekly meetings. The meetings of the thesis groups take place on location in Leiden and The Hague. Meeting each other physically contributes to the success of the thesis group. Depending on the participants, the language of communication is either English or Dutch. The thesis groups will take place on the following dates:

Thesis group Leiden (English/Dutch)

  • Tuesday 11 October (10:15-12:15)  
  • Tuesday 18 October (10:15-12:15) 
  • Tuesday 25 October (10:15-12:15) 
  • Tuesday 1 November (10:15-12:15)

Thesis group The Hague (English/Dutch)

  • Thursday 13 October (10:15-12:15)
  • Thursday 20 October (10:15-12:15)
  • Thursday 27 October (10:15-12:15)
  • Thursday 3 November (10:15-12:15)


You can register for the Thesis group via the button below. Please fill in the form completely and press 'send'. You will receive a confirmation of your registration by mail. Do you have any questions? Feel free to mail to writinglab@hum.leidenuniv.nl. See you at the Writing Lab!

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