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These are the student members of your Programme Committee and Programme Board

17 October 2022

In October, students could register and vote for the Student Elections of the Programme Committees. The student members of the Programme Board were also appointed. 

Programme Committee (OC)

The OC is a formal employee representative body and has the task of advising the programme board, either requested or unrequested, on how to promote and guarantee the quality of the study programme. The elected student members for your OC are:

  • Marieke Nolten
  • Rajae El Morabet Belhaj
  • Matthias de Wit
  • Donna Doesborg
  • Simon Beckers

Want to get in touch with your Programme Committee? Send an email to: olc-geschiedenis@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

Programme Board (OB)

The OLB meets regularly with the Programme Committee to discuss the state of affairs within the study programme and consists of a lecturer (the study programme chairman) and a student. The student members of your OLB are:

  • Lotte van den Boom
  • Sjors Stuurman

What do the Programme Committees and Programme Boards do?

Each study programme or group of study programmes has its own programme committee. This is regulated by law. A study programme committee consists of one half of students and one half of teachers. Together they monitor the quality of education, discuss any sticking points and advise on the implementation and development of courses, curricula and education policy.

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