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New student support groups: sign up by 30 April

17 April 2023

As a student or PhD candidate at Leiden University, you can join a Student Support Group to build your social connections and learn more about yourself. Student support groups are a safe, confidential space in which you can learn, share and connect with other students. Groups consist of a maximum of 7 fellow students or PhD candidates, assisted by a student-guide. Join one (or more) of the groups and contribute to the conversation on the basis of your own experiences.


Our next series of student support groups will start in the week of 8 May 2023. Sessions take place once a week for six consecutive weeks.

Deadline to sign up

The deadline for signing up for the upcoming support groups is 30 April 2023.

New support groups this session

  • Finance support group: learn and share experiences about managing your finances as a student. 
  • AD(H)D support group: get together with other students diagnosed (or undiagnosed) with AD(H)D to learn about dealing with common challenges.
  • Career support group: chat with fellow students about all things career-related, such as creating a CV, job application techniques and optimising your study programme to help launch your career.

These join the existing student support groups, namely: 

  • Well-being support group
  • Meeting Point support group
  • PhD candidates support group
  • 30+ student support group

Find out more and sign up!

Deadline 30 April

Student Support Groups
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