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Results of stress during your studies Archaeology survey are in

20 April 2023

As you might know, we have recently held a survey amongst students about which things cause stress during your studies. We have received a lot of useful feedback and reviewed the results. The three main points mentioned were:

  1. Communication between student and University 
    Not knowing where to find the right information and not knowing certain helpful information/people/solutions exists.
  2. The amount of different online platforms for students 
    Many students report issues with these platforms not working correctly and with the amount of different platforms they need to use. The University is currently working on improving this.
  3. Group assignments 
    Working in groups for assignments is also one of the topics often brought up.We would like to discuss these topics and more in a brainstorm session with some of you, if you are interested, please join the WhatsApp group chat.


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