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Do's and don'ts for staying warm and saving energy

1 November 2023

The Real Estate Department of Leiden University has recently seen an increase in complaints of feeling cold in our buildings. The transition from summer to autumn has been swift this year which has resulted in a fast transition to cooler buildings. 

Leiden University's policy remains unchanged – the temperature in our buildings will be kept at 19°C. Since 2022, this 19°C policy has yielded approximately a 9% reduction in energy costs and has significantly contributed to our organisation's efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. This is something we can genuinely be proud of! That said, we do take the complaints about feeling cold seriously. It would be helpful if you follow our tips for staying warm and saving energy at the same time. Here are some do's and don'ts:

Do's Don'ts

Wear warm clothing and drink warm beverages.

Leave heating on in empty rooms.

Take regular physical activity.

Turn radiators in rooms up to maximum.

Keep sunshades down to retain warmth.

Use (or at least avoid using) electric or radiant heaters.

Close doors.


Work together with other colleagues in the same room.


Consider working from home on Mondays due to longer start-up times of our heating systems.


In case of genuine technical issues, such as rooms where the temperature falls below 19°C, please report this to the Service Desk.

Let's tackle this challenge together and contribute to a warmer, environmentally friendly, and efficient university environment. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

On behalf of Leiden University's Real Estate Department and the Facility Management of Leiden Law School.


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