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Career and apply for jobs

On Campus Workshop Job Interview

Do you know what is important during job interviews? How can you prepare optimally? During this workshop you will learn what to share about yourself and how to best present yourself in a job interview. What should the employer know about you and about your background?

Training course

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WORKSHOP IS FULLY BOOKED. Registration for this workshop is no longer possible.

You are invited for an interview for an internship or job? Exciting! But what to do and how to act before, during and after an interview? During this workshop you will learn what a job interview consist of, ways to convince why they should choose you for the job or internship, and the do’s and don’ts during an interview. You will also practice a job interview during this workshop.

The following subjects will be covered:

  • How do you prepare for an interview?
  • How do you formulate the best answers in a job interview?
  • How does a job interview actually work? What are the steps an (offline and online) application procedure consists of?

This workshop is free of charge and available to all Bachelor and Master students and recent graduates of Leiden University. Note: In contrast to last semester, this workshop can now be followed by students from all faculties and study programmes.

The workshop will take place on campus (Gorlaeus Building EM109).Please note that there is a limit of 30 students for this workshop.

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