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Well-being Wednesday - Loneliness workshop: Building new communities

Wednesday 25 May 2022
Language: English
Rapenburg 100
2311 GA Leiden

Have you ever felt out of touch with the people around you and didn’t know what to do? What if loneliness is not something that we can solve by ourselves? What if, to address loneliness, we need other people, and those other people need us? Having a community to rely on is very important for all of us. Knowing you have someone to talk to can lift some of the weight you might feel. 

During this workshop we will investigate the emerging problem of loneliness. We will discuss the origins of the word and what loneliness looks and feels like today. Participants will have space to discuss their own experiences and ideas surrounding this topic. And finally, we will discuss how this issue can be addressed. 

The workshop is given by Dardan Bastiaan. He is a meditation teacher and organizer at the student center Rapenburg100

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