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Opening facultair jaar 2023-2024

Tuesday 5 September 2023
Kamerlingh Onnes gebouw
Steenschuur 25
Cleveringazaal en restaurant KOG

On Tuesday, September 5th, the new academic year officially kicks off. We're starting with an interactive, enjoyable, and diverse opening event from 4:00 to 6:00 PM.

The presentation will be hosted by the student duo: Emma and Michiel.

Speaking at the event will be interim dean Suzan Stoter, and Daniëlla Dam and Yvonne Erkens will give a brief lecture. Themes will include interdisciplinary research and education, sustainability and law, the future-ready student, and more.

We will begin in the Cleveringa Room, which will open its doors at 3:45 PM. As a student, you're warmly welcome to attend, and be sure to bring your mobile phone along.

We will conclude in the restaurant, where Jan Adriaanse will present the award to the student with the highest average grade for the propaedeutic phase, as well as the best postgraduate teacher. Additionally, the JSVO Education Awards will be presented to the top lecture teacher and the best tutorial group teacher.

Furthermore, you can enjoy summer cocktails, snacks, drinks, and even hit the dance floor if you wish.

See you on Tuesday at 16:00 in the Cleveringa Room!

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